What would you consider to be your biggest challenge in life? and Why?

  1. Ricki-Lee Keeley profile image82
    Ricki-Lee Keeleyposted 2 years ago

    What would you consider to be your biggest challenge in life? and Why?


  2. manatita44 profile image85
    manatita44posted 2 years ago

    The Soul is in isolation from its true Source and is striving to find its way back. It knows its own Existence and is conscious of this. Yet the pull of Desire and old Samskara's or habits, draws it to the material world of temporary pleasures, cravings or desires.

    The challenge is to move from darkness or ignorance to Light, to remove the chains from the abyss of the cave and walk to Freedom. This is a real struggle for the Soul. Once conquered, re-awakening or Oneness takes place. What else is there to know?

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    darakhshanposted 2 years ago

    The Biggest challenge was and is how to live this life really once you will know this problem you would probably be able to overcome the challenges. My greatest challenge was to achieve the success in my career and remain honest in my works and thinking. I am really one of the lucky guys in getting the success through my hard work and sincerity. I can and take each day as a lesson to get there. That's what I believe as being the true meaning of being happy. This applies not only to my personal but also to my professional life, for one cannot be separated from the other as they both complete us. Now, about the second part of your question, we cannot plan a way to overcome the challenges life imposes on us, we just have to face them and overcome them the best way possible, not only having in mind our own expectations, but the expectations others have on us.