What is the fastest way to lose cellulite on the butt?

  1. Happylovejoy profile image98
    Happylovejoyposted 23 months ago

    What is the fastest way to lose cellulite on the butt?

    Besides exercise, is there other things we can do? Will be great to share any tried and tested methods..thanks!


  2. biochemexpert profile image75
    biochemexpertposted 22 months ago

    In my own thinking, the fastest way to lose cellulite is to do exercise. Doing exercise mobilizes stored fats (such as cellulite) and promote their hydrolysis for energy production. But you should have to take care of ur diets. Eat lesser carbohydrates, drink fruit juices and proteins and some supplements (such as L-carnitine supplement) while continuing your physical exercises.

    L-carnitine supplement is one of the metabolites that promotes fatty acid hydrolysis for the energy production. It is the key metabolite of fatty acid metabolism and directs fatty acids (coming from fat hydrolysis) for the energy production. To learn more about L-carnitine visit this link. http://infobiochem.com/question/how-doe … etabolism/