Is Green Tea can help people to lose weight?

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    ghostcc11posted 21 months ago

    Is Green Tea can help people to lose weight?

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    Express10posted 21 months ago

    It's possible but there are many studies that do not prove that the EGCG in green tea helps people lose any weight at all. Think about that first. THEN if you still want to proceed, to do so means correctly understanding how much you have to drink as each brand has widely varying amounts of EGCG and most brands (if any) do not label this amount on the box/package.

    You have to contact manufacturers directly who themselves likely cannot tell you because they don't do the testing for this or you will have to hope what you may read online is true about certain brands and their contents. Even then, you will have to drink at least 3 - 6 cups or more of green tea daily. I'd rather just exercise and eat less instead but that's just my opinion but at least these things are much, much more widely proven.