How is socioeconomic wealth STRONGLY CORRELATED to the quality of life that one

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    gmwilliamsposted 18 months ago

    How is socioeconomic wealth STRONGLY CORRELATED to the quality of life that one lives?

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    Alessio Ganciposted 18 months ago

    It is important, but I think it plays only a little part in the life's quality. Also the place where you live in is important, because you can live in a luxury city place full of smog and of noise, while at the same time you can live in a small country and breath good air and sleep well, even if considered a "poor area". Finally, also your job is an important aspect, because if your socioeconomic wealth completely depends on a job which completely takes your life, maybe that life's quality is not better than someone who has less money but also less stress.
    So I think socioeconomic wealth is very important, but I think it takes just 40% of relevance.

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    gmwilliamsposted 17 months ago

    Wealthy people tend to have a better, higher quality of life than those who aren't wealthy.  They have access to superior, even excellent medical & health care.  They have access to cutting edge health care that other people simply don't.  They can consume more nutritious food. 

    Wealthy people can afford to send their children to better schools.  They can live in safer, more secure neighborhoods where crime is next to non-existent.  They never have to worry about homelessness & seeing if they can make ends meet.  They have enough money to invest, not only for themselves but for their descendants. 

    Wealthy people never have to worry about budgeting.  They have the discretionary income to live as they choose.  They can travel anyplace in the world beyond the reach of many people.  They can lead a cultivated, civilized lifestyle while many people lead a lifestyle of struggle in one way or another. 

    Wealthy people are happiest because they don't have to worry about the rudiments.  They can freely enjoy life because everything is at their disposal.  They are powerful in their lives.  They can call the shots while others merely follow societal rules.  They can influence politicians, judges, & other powerful people to do their bidding.  They can hire the best people to be there for them whether it is lawyers, caretakers, & other people to do business for them & take care of their needs.  They don't have to put up w/things that most people must endure.