What makes a woman who she is?

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    mahsa setarehposted 17 months ago

    What makes a woman who she is?

    What makes a woman who she is, what she does, her decisions and opinions?... Men are welcome to answer this too


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    peter565posted 17 months ago

    Personality is a combination of biological influence and enviormental influence.

    There are some gender base, personality, some of them are also been seen amount trans-sexual.

    In comparison they find women usually have greater mood swings to men, due to period cycle, men are usually more sexually aroused, due to, biologically always ready to go.

    What they find is that, men are usually better at managing their emotions, especially sexual desires, this is because, been biologically always ready to go, meant, men have an instinct of always want to have sex, with the next women he find attractive and if necessary rape. Thus, men need to have higher emotional management capability, to control their sexual impulse, to restrain them self to control impulse such as cheat on their wife, sleep with their mate's girl friend or to rape a woman. (Statistic survey found over 85% of men at some stage, have the thought of raping or sexually assaulting a particular girl, going across his mind, despite less then 1% of men ever rape a girl.) Women due to not always ready to go, needed lesser emotional management skill in this arena, By the time people reach adulthood, men's emotional management skill are usually much higher then women, especially sexually desire management and to make matter worse, PMS, make emotional management even harder for girls then men, sometime, statistic have found, there are more cases of lesbian gang raping or sexually assaulting girls, then men raping or sexually assaulting girls and the number of domestic abuse in lesbian household, double to straight or gay men household. Also, while facing somebody that can trigger their sexual desire, men are statistically more likely to be able to hold his ground and not be seduced to cheat on his partner, then women, However, because for women sexual desire is more to do with how a man make her feel, then in comparison to a man, who is more about how phsyically sexy she is and most men have little understanding of the sort of feeling that can trigger a woman's sexual desire, women are less likely to come across a highly sexually seductive situation, then men. However, the rate of women that cheat, is still on the same rate of men that cheat.