Can I be pregnant?

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    Star Garzaposted 17 months ago

    Can I be pregnant?

    I was taking birth control in the beginning of October and was on my period I only took birth control for two and a half weeks because it made me extremely sick. So, I stoped taking them and started my period again in October from 19-24th It always last 6 days. So I had protective sex with a condom on October the 28 Now in november I didnt start my period in the beginning of the month but I assumed it was because the birth control since I stopped and I started last month twice so now I am confused on my menstruation or if I am possibly pregnant I had three negative test I have headaches a lot

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    Ivaaposted 17 months ago

    Highly unlikely. stopping birth controls must have taken hormones on a small roller coaster ride. Have food that causes internal heat like papaya, mangoes or sesame seeds, it'll help with menstruation. If it doesn't, take the pregnancy test again or visit your doctor.