Is this normal?

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    Skylar Ralstonposted 15 months ago

    Is this normal?

    I got my tongue pierced Sunday (Today is Thursday) it went through the normal pain, and the burning tastebuds. the burning wouldn't stop so I continuously drank water and sucked on ice. I HAD been using biotène mouthwash for 2 days. But I ran out pretty fast. My dad had some non-alcholic crest pro health, so I used it a lot that day and then I looked up that that stuff isn't good for even using twice a day. Now my gums closer to my lips are sore, and a little bit on the inside of my lip(top and bottom) is it because my piercing. Is it because the piercing is infected or is it from the wash?

  2. David Branagan profile image96
    David Branaganposted 15 months ago

    It sounds like your piercing may be causing some irritation to your gums/lips. This irritation may cause mouth ulcers. Normally when you get your tongue pierced they will use a long bar as you will get some swelling, so that long bar may be moving around your mouth during your sleep and irritating your mouth. If you think this is the reason, then I would advise getting a smaller bar and get a plastic one! Metal ones will damage your teeth. Good luck.