What is wrong with my puppy?

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    Furbaby Loverposted 17 months ago

    What is wrong with my puppy?

    I have a 10 week old pug puppy.
    He wont eat or drink anything and he throws up 2-3 times a day (including night).
    The puppy sleeps constantly and he isn't himself, doesn't get excited at all.
    In addition, he stopped using the bathroom.
    I'm really worried about him please help sad.

  2. fpherj48 profile image78
    fpherj48posted 17 months ago

    FL  If your poor little puppy can't eat or drink, what exactly is he throwing up?  You say he's also lethargic and hasn't relieved himself.  You SHOULD be worried about him!  He's obviously sick.  Your worry will not make him better.  A visit to a Vet is a great idea......now rather than later.

  3. LoisRyan13903 profile image82
    LoisRyan13903posted 17 months ago

    Do as Paula says and take your pup to a vet.  If you are afraid of the cost of the Vet, there is pet insurance and covers many things including vet visits, shots, medicine, spay and neuters and much more.

    Just asked my daughter who is a Veterinarian Technician and she says some of those symptoms sound like Parvo.   Was he vaccinated for this yet?