Do you have to struggle?

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    spiessshemposted 14 months ago

    Do you have to struggle?

    Loosing weight have always been an issue to many people. The struggle is real, thus commitment is always key!

    Forget weight loosing pills and the rest, stick to correct diets , work out and the results are ever satisfactory.

  2. Diana Lee profile image83
    Diana Leeposted 14 months ago

    Very much, my whole life has been a struggle with my weight. Hopefully I can get to a healthier size someday soon. For now I'm not too worried about it. I'm me. Big or small my real friends don't care what I look like.
    I do worry about health problems though and have been lucky not to have many so far. I gained fifty pounds in the past 4 1/2 years after I quit smoking. But I'm still smoke free and that's healthier than the weight issues. If I could quit smoking after thirty years I should be able to change my eating habits, too. I just haven't gotten stubborn enough to do so.