When will drugs stop worldwide?

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    Rahul Sanghviposted 14 months ago

    When will drugs stop worldwide?

    Irish drug mafia Christy Kinahan connects Spain and India in drug dealing
    Indian interpol informs local state Narcotics team for drugs dealing in gujarat.

    Spanish drug dealer sets its chemical drug connection with Pankaj Tyagi a chemical engineer with a team of more than 35 network people in Uttar Pradesh,  Haryana Delhi Gujarat and Punjab

    Tyagi's are heading the drug dealing and making the chemical combination in India and China.
    Pankaj tyagi who is an ex resident of  Ghazibad and currently staying in  Ahemdabad, Gujarat 


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    tamarawilhiteposted 14 months ago

    An evolutionary biologist found that around 10% of monkeys consistently get drunk because they like it, a rate similar to human addictions though we're more likely to use a variety of substances. And addictions like smoking may kill you but you can still be productive when you're addicted to it.
    So the tendency toward drug and alcohol addiction is hardwired into a portion of the population, and drug addiction won't go away until we can alter that biology.