What if you only had a week to live?

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    Terrielynn1posted 11 months ago

    What if you only had a week to live?

    What would you do if you only had a week to live? Who would you thank for being part of your life? Who would you say your sorry to? What would you have to say to everyone before you pass, and what keeps you from telling them now?


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    Kiss andTalesposted 11 months ago

    Very good question Terrielynn .
    In my case I take everyday as a blessing.
    Because tomorrow is not promised based on human error.
    But I have great confendence that the Heavenly Father who created all life will make sure life will continue on this planet as he made a promise.
    I always let my family know I love them By saying it when I can say it or express it. So also I try to settle mistakes as they happen so that saying sorry is not a problem but addressed quickly.
    The words I would say last to family and friends would be a treasure .A gift that could help you through out eternity.
    That is to get to know and build your own personal relationship with the sovereign of the entire universe.Psalms 83:18
    He is the only one granting more life and a future for all humans if they inquire from the heart.
    Telling people about this wonderful provision has been a great experience for me even here on HP.
    We certainly have a wonderful future ahead in the earth being transformed into a heaven like state .it surly will be paradise and we can have a part in it.

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      Terrielynn1posted 11 months agoin reply to this

      Hi kiss, thank you for the insightful comment. Nice to see you around again. I am very similar to you.I let nothing go unsaid. No matter how hard. Thinking about saying goodbye is tuff but important. If I offend, I try to fix it. In all things, love.