The adventures of being pregnant in Italy!

  1. jenniferoutwater profile image58
    jenniferoutwaterposted 8 years ago

    I'm 38 yrs. old and pregnant with my fourth child.  I moved to Italy 6 months ago with my husband whom is an Italian citizen and I am an American citizen. My adventure up to this point has only been shared with friends, but I thought for some of you Mothers to be who are struggling with frustration my story may just give you a good laugh.

    When we first arrived here in August I was 3 months pregnant.  It was literately close to 100 degrees here in the south and we have no air conditioning.  That in itself was rough enough. I'm use to the comforts of an American home.  The space, the amenities, etc.  I look at this as a humbling experience.

    After searching for a Gynecologist for quite some time we finally were referred to the best in the area.  He set an appointment with us very quickly even though I had not received my medical card yet from the Government. Our appointment was for 8pm in the evening on a very rainy night in the next town over.

    We entered a large office building and it seemed quite nice.  Upon walking into his office I immediately realized there was no Receptionist or Secretary, just a few seats and unsightly art work.  We didn't wait long to go in and we were both very excited.  This is my husbands first child,so everything is new to him.  The Doctor ushered us into his office and the first thing I noticed was that he wasn't wearing a shirt underneath his white coat.  Springing from the V neck of the coat was a mound of Grey chest hair with a gold chain and horn hanging from it.  It took great restraint for me not to start laughing.. after all this is the typical stereotype for older Italian men.  He seemed very nice and took me into the back office where the examination table was located.

    No nurse in sight, and an obvious language barrier, he instructed me to take off all my cloths.  My husband looked a little shocked and frankly scared at this thought.  I asked, "where is the gown or robe?"  The answer was, "what gown or robe?"  There was nothing to cover my now partially naked and disfigured body with as I stood in front of both men.  I grabbed a sweater I had worn in and did my best to cover myself.
    He examined me, did an Ultrasound, and had me put my cloths back on.

    Before leaving his office he handed my husband a blue folder.  The Doctor advised us that we should keep it with us all the time and bring it for every appointment.  This was my file.  Not a copy for me, but the original.  My Doctor has no computer or filing system and therefor it is my job to keep up with everything.  This was just the first visit...I will write more everyday to update up to now...

    Hope you enjoyed...


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