Ever been wongly accused of being pregnant??

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  1. Artist-For-Hire profile image68
    Artist-For-Hireposted 10 years ago

    Ever been wongly accused of being pregnant??

    I'm after tales of women being wrongly accused of being pregnant and the reactions that followed. I recall a moment in an elevator 9 days post-op when a cleaner mistook me - she apologized profusely & walked from the elevator head bowed upon learning that my newborn was in the NICU. It's my one & only experience and since I'm writing about it...I better do my research. So, ladies...ever been wrongly accused? How did you respond and what did your accuser say? And guys? Did you learn the hard way that you never EVER ask that question?

  2. Moon Daisy profile image73
    Moon Daisyposted 10 years ago

    I've been wrongly accused; by my mother-in-law, lol!  My daughter was 2 or 3, and I think m.i.l. was probably expecting us to be planning another one by that time.  She didn't ask me directly, but after seeing me she asked my husband if I was pregnant, saying she was just wondering, as I had been looking a bit 'tired'.  (Not sure if she also thought my stomach was looking a bit fat.  If so he didn't mention that part to me..)

    I also overheard an awkward encounter at a wedding.  A man was talking to a woman, and they were saying how they hadn't seen one another for a long time, and then he asked her if she was pregnant.  She replied awkwardly that actually she had had a baby over a month ago.  She then went on to explain to him that it's probably not wise to ask a woman if she's pregnant, as it could cause offence if she wasn't.  It took him ages to get it.

  3. zuriki profile image68
    zurikiposted 10 years ago

    It was one month after the birth of my daughter, I still had some preg weight and my tummy was kinda flabby and big.
    I was standing outside an office waiting for my turn to get some of my urgent documents stamped when suddenly the assistant officer came up to me, (he had noticed my tummy and mistook it for a preg bump), apologized, offered me a seat and took my papers so that they could be stamped that minute. I really smiled inwardly.
    I didnt feel insulted, for once i was grateful that someone thought i was preg and needed help. I was out of there in record time.
    Right now after losing that bumpy stomach, i tend to miss SOME favors and benefits that came about when i was pregnant and immediately after giving birth.

  4. duffsmom profile image59
    duffsmomposted 10 years ago

    Years ago, back in the 70's, I was putting on weight and my tummy was sticking out  - not to much really, and I heard the customer at my manager's desk say, "I didn't know your secretary was pregnant!"

    My boss told him I wasn't pregnant - but I got very busy and did not want to hear the rest of the conversation.  I did not say a word.  Needless to say I bought bigger pants and passed up the cookies on my break.

    Another time, earlier than that, I was slender but wearing one of those smock type dresses that were in style then.  A gal asked me what I had, boy or girl and I told her, no I wasn't pregnant, it was the dress.

    She argued with me like I was mistaken!  Strange.

  5. Dexter Yarbrough profile image76
    Dexter Yarbroughposted 10 years ago

    I was on friendly terms with a clerk at a 7-11 near a former neighborhood I lived in. Everyday, we would trade pleasantries. One morning, I went in and said hello. I saw that her mid-section seemed "pregnant like." Since we were on friendly terms, I asked her when her baby was due. She had an embarrassed/disappointed look on her face and informed me that she was not pregnant.

    I was soooo embarrassed! And I never went back to that 7-11 during the day (she worked a morning shift). From that day on, I have never asked a woman if she is pregnant. I wait to hear from HER. Don't judge a book by its cover!!

  6. cyborg527 profile image56
    cyborg527posted 10 years ago

    This is funny, cuz I'm actually afraid of asking women if they're pregnant, just in case I'm wrong.

  7. lovelife08 profile image60
    lovelife08posted 10 years ago

    Before I was pregant, I had a little bit of a belly, and sometimes people would mistake it for a pregnant belly.  Then when I actually got pregnant, they didn't know it (until I got to the point where I was obviously pregnant).  They just thought I was chubby.  Define irony, lol.

  8. Sarah Masson profile image60
    Sarah Massonposted 10 years ago

    I was at a friends bbq one day, (sitting with an alcoholic beverage in my hand, so it should have been obvious that I wasn't) when a lady said: "Omg congratualtions, how far along are you?" I looked at her and started crying. A friend had just committed suicide and I was not in the mood to be embarrassed so yeah I didn't take it well but at least I can laugh about it now

  9. profile image0
    mommyloves2writeposted 10 years ago

    When I was twenty-seven year old teacher, big trapeze shirts and tight capris were the in look for spring.  I was maybe 98 pounds dripping wet at that time of my life.  I wore this causal outfit to our school's Field Day, and two moms came over to congratulate me on my pregnancy! 

    I laughed and told them it was the shirt and not a baby!  They laughed!

  10. tamarawilhite profile image90
    tamarawilhiteposted 9 years ago

    I was 14, in high school, my mother was in the hospital for several months, I was taking care of 10 year old brother after school and doing all the housework and parenting of him. And my period stopped for about three months as this was going on. Grandmother found out and accused me of premarital sex.
    Doctor asked a lot of questions. I refused a pregnancy test, stating I was a virgin. Doctor asked if I knew what that was and then described other methods one could theoretically get pregnant without losing virginity and that if drunk, I might not remember sex.
    I explained the stress I was under at home. Doctor said they'd check in a month if I still hadn't had my period. Hadn't had my period due to stress at that time but the pregnancy test was negative.
    My grandmother then believed I wasn't pregnant.

  11. ananceleste profile image60
    anancelesteposted 9 years ago

    It was during an interview for a teachers assitant job in the school district. The principal of the school was cunducting the second interview along with a panel of  teachers and staff. In the lobby of the guidance office, she looked at me, signaling to come to the counter.And in front of all the people there she looked at me and asked me -" Are you pregnant? Because if you are, you have to inform me today? "

    I instantly smiled, and doing a 180 degrees I replied-" Well if I answer yes I would be lying, but if I aswer no, you will fell kind of embarrased for asking that kind of question to a candidate that has all the cualifications for the position she aplied for. By asking me in front of the staff and the rest of this people, I have at least five witnesses that I can take to court. Think about it. Etiquette."- smiling I took my porfolio and left.

    PS. I recieved a call that afternoon to sign the contract. I declined.


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