Klean Kanteen's new Klean Coat Created With a Purpose

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    Shogunposted 5 weeks ago

    It's important for individuals, communities, companies, and governments to take green initiatives seriously. However, it's something that many people tend to overlook, though that is beginning to change.

    Unless absolutely necessary, I try to avoid drinking from single-use water bottles, as it just adds unnecessary waste to the world. I like to ride my bike, take the train, or use ride sharing services when possible – it's just a couple of the many possible ways I can make a small effort.

    And I applaud companies that aim to do their best to be eco-friendly, while still making hella cool products. Hat tip to Klean Kanteen's announcement about its new Klean Coat, a chip-resistant, extremely durable powder coat finish for all of its products.

    Why does this matter? Here is what Danielle Cresswell, Sustainability Manager for Klean Kanteen, noted in a statement:

    ”More frequent replacement means more Kanteens being produced than necessary to displace a lifetime of single-use plastic. To address this we are moving to powder coating, a known durable surface coating. Klean Coat is not only chip-resistant and durable, but has been rigorously tested for environmental hazards in the ingredients. The end result is a beautiful, durable finish formulated with a safer chemistry for people and the planet. That's something to celebrate.”

    The new colors also are a nice change of pace as well -


    I am all for less people buying water bottles that are tossed aside after one use. It's even better when the products we drink from our able to keep liquids cold – or hot – for extended periods of time. It's neat to hear a company actually explain the announcement, and why the new product was developed.