Breast Cancer is survivable

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    LucindaBposted 8 years ago

    I still don't believe I had breast cancer. OK so last April I spent a weekend in hospital, and returned home with two drains and nine pounds lighter! I now have two teenage sized bumps with no nipples. It looks weird.

    I have not experienced any sense of loss. I did not have any pain of any sort at all at any time.

    I felt a 'muscle pull' type of throb in one breast after I had been doing some heavy gardening (pulling weed out of a pond), and went to the doctor thinking I was just making a fuss!

    I discovered it was serious.

    A month after the operation I had that wonderful news: 'The oncologist says you are clear!' YES!

    Once I was at home I recovered quickly, except for not being able to reach out to high shelves.

    So, if you think there is something 'not quite right', anywhere, go an have those tests.

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      health1stposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Everyone - Please seek help early.