Medicine rescue&Diagnosis

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    Byeungok Ohposted 8 years ago

    Medical treatment strong young man for healthy life (Sundry medicines nullity it is hoop that can buy a little more healthfully�) ======================================================
    L.C.C. Life environment research institute
    Byeungok Oh (

    Until life reverence in daily affairs by wonder of life Until donate of oneself own recovery from accept of sacrifice unlimitedly DNA and penance interval that is difficult to achieve that recognize own reproduction That to want to convey but appear without being transmissive had been vague Although impression that old wise mans' impatience gets cut goes first I am going to propose new medical treatment and medical examination and treatment along with new century boldly.

    I had been studying new medical treatment medical examination and treatment method for a long time. By the way, present medical treatment medical examination and treatment direction is added confusion in limit situation. It is best expedient that modern medical treatment method removes part that becomes an issue, it is not escaping alternation or classic treatment (antibiosis several use) level by surgical operation putting first.

    There are no drug stuffs that there is no side effect in restriction field. Aspirin that there is no side effect almost According to each single person, different result appears. But, the medicines development by recent gene arrangement analysis has much controversial points if consider economic performance and efficiency although is foreseen that is good perfume More medical treatment medical examination and treatment direction must consider living body molecule surrounding than what Being going out by analysis putting first DNA rescue, gene arrangement analysis etc.

    Because system concept that is keeping function is lacking, administration is not becoming entirely. So, as it have exchanged the parts if it become an issue in high grade semi-conductor That human body has changed part that becomes an issue, being attempting attempt to destroy essence of life. Arrive by own ruin that is suicide site process clearly even if try doing not know It can classify roughly disease of human body of mental disease (lewdness sex, violence), circulatory system (heart), engine (surely, hlycosuria), retrogression (joint) disease etc .

    It is going to diagnose and must prevent change is basic human body on gene constituent, is coping change state as negative circumscriptively. So, it has been disappeared to human body, formation agency's own protection and defense function Human body is not controlling normal energy level being esteemed nutrient excess state arriving at present age. If it can diagnose, but appear by disease syndrome once that is lack of exercise, while optimum energy level of human body is such to arrive in low point, medical examination and treatment behavior aggravates situation. Talk living body replace backup that thing which cultivate stem cell by purpose is desirable, but esteemed nutrient supply system is misreckoning in cell state energy and energy status gets into very lacking status as human body organization.

    Although BT field that advanced nations are gene therapy putting first speaks as New Technology, this commits self-contradiction and is not formed as mechanical. So, LCC life environment research institute is establishing human body dialogue energy system to new living body system concept and examine closely energy essence. Human body is eased to require much energy and lose balance equilibrium gradually effectively therefore, it is been in step that all energy circles are changed in order for activation energy. Then, method to prevent change must supply enough energy, with food or nutritive substance, drug stuffs dialogue or ATP-energy system is lacking to energy system, and exercise method is no efficiency,

    and life environment system is need efficiently. But, dwindle that conversation is impossible by culture aspect difference ago disease treatment up to now do. Then, if investigate essence of energy of priority life environment system Energy creation by esteemed nutrient supply is spent in several forms by human body activation energy usually in human body. This energy is activation energy. By the way, there is energy state of molecule level that serve to keep human body formation, is high more than sub energy level is activate state and is static energy system. In activation energy human body all organ preservations and activation energy necessity be supplied adequately and is consumed.

    If it has been changed to state and has been spent is static energy at time that is imbalance state or is lacking, recovery charge is very difficult again Because energy level of molecule level is higher than existing energy system. If this vicious circle is repeated, cell molecule state raises energy change from neighborhood molecule cell function becomes weak and get back. This phenomenon is apt to be developed by various disease syndromes. Usually, energy level of nutritive substance becomes lower than sub-level is static energy. So, there is case that supplies necessity nutritive substance while center energy by strong stimulation in weak region of human body institutively, but is very rare sub-level of that efficiency of antibiosis emperor or vaccine etc. Drops separates and is because absolute difference energy level becomes similar is human body energy constantly.

    So, human body immunity does not defend enough about cause material such as virus from outside. Usually, outside environment energy is high more than human body interior environment energy. If it is not this state, human body needs protector If sort energy system ATP-energy creation that is created in mitochondria and save system:
    E1 Outside environment energy exchange that is created in lung and storing accumulation system:
    E2 E1 < E2: Stationary state
    E1 > E2: Non-reaction state,
    Cultivation and reproduction incongruence state
    E1 Function: Creation save E2 Function: Exchange and part storing accumulation E2 Supply method: Nutritive substance and food E1 Supply method: Outside environment
    | E2 - E1 |: Level difference is absolute energy And strong part and weak part of human body are coexisted locally seasonally. Human body should be supplied energy from outside by such basic concept, Age of human body outside environment passes, and environment state becomes very inferior Also, it cannot but be ephemeral although treatment method by gene engineering etc.

    Is presented. Then, is escaping even discussion up to now supplying enough normal energy to escape treatment limit. Then, it is covenant development by gene arrangement analysis or organ principal parts by stem cell cultivation the best model of treatment? It must try inquiry. Human body is weak continuously, but culture for function repletion is developing great on the contrary.

    So, characteristics that can be classified roughly particularly the second industry age the first industry age enumeration be possible, and therefore is that human body becomes very weak basically. Equip special environment system for this effect although outside environment and esteemed daughter supply system such as the first industry age will need specially for normal energy system interested person of human body conclusively. It can contribute newly mankind health and disease prevention to these method and concept.

    First of all, main target must prevent energy change in human body establishment. Living body organization which function is suspended deducts when it cannot but remove but it is suspended to cause by worst situation before, it must recover function change energy supply system. So, medical examination field can take a serious view and present gene analysis etc. There are developing, but they have hasty conclusion to tell so that alternate organization to watch eagerly. It is focused in special quality for immune body elevation in drug field but it is helpless in formation function enfeeblement prevention.

    There is reaction equilibrium point by great many dialogue effect in human body therefore, there is apt to be energy level. Because human body is consuming energy for function preservation, there is no worry to become inverse reaction Also, in high energy level, energy if have been discharged charge very difficult Because energy level of this static energy system is high than activation energy system sub-officer, so, static energy level fixed extent that is, is activation energy when is normal state dialogue state Although increase by straight line style according to momentum or decrease It is changed in absurd energy change form outside sub-officer extent is static energy.

    By the way, side effect becomes serious as for drug stuffs. As it were, excess energy is consumed to organization which energy level is lower It does not reach in energy level of part that become an issue. General esteemed nutrient supply is not gotten back. So, although drug stuffs that is combined with particular enzyme can be valid also, it do not stop side effect problem. So, although it does that food and particular medicines get effect that is special It cannot avoid much damage that is side effects. Some basis items should be prepared before disease treatment If it sees expected phenomenon
    Q1) Understand essence is metabolgy and should be systematized and is energy administration available?
    A1) Is coping partially Synthetic judgment there is no and is wholly lacking even concept altogether.
    Q2) Immune body and formation function enfeeblement are led at the same time Can minimize side effect of drug stuffs?
    A2) Got absolute effect of drug stuffs at early Go, need more strong drug stuffs It cannot avoid excess use and side effect is accompanied.
    Q3) Human anatomy state according to energy path transfer infinite variety change Can foretell to be treatment timely and diagnosis time?
    A3) Dropping most time Minuteness diagnosis system amounts divide currency Whenever need, because diagnose again minuteness diagnosis system is required ordinary times Accompanied diagnosis expense is high price. By the way, is very important to be treatment.
    Q4) Sundry medicines are paralyzed and are coped in disease end symptoms?
    A4) Countermeasure there is no and undergoes different case religious treatment. Q5) The human body formation agency function for disease factor enfeeblement or action if is degenerated what be?
    A5) It is alternating by special skill that it is no formation refusal reaction.
    Q6) Do you have countermeasure in Gene factor's disease?
    A6) Cause and treatment process are proceeded individually
    Q7) If is diagnosed by gork, can lay countermeasure?
    A7) Even if is euthanasia, is in special skill donation trend.

    If question and situation of reply are caused so, get into medical examination and treatment limit situation. Then, as example model of medical examination and treatment If diagnose Harvard university (Harvard university diagnosis) Add that is applied first to universal superior colleges more than a specification university. Tried but was cool all to improve medical examination and treatment using life environment special procurements equipment for a long time So, it is going to apply Harvard University concentrically at Monitoring All fields are exposed in limit situation lifting new 21th century.

    If recognize fast and do not cope this, is caused in abyss of disorder. It does not reach in fundamental solution although all informations are operated efficiently through internet medium. Is going to examine closely So, in genome project, fundamental problem of genetic engineering field human, but go back to bioethics preferably. In American building special quality synthesis function exhaustively the building military be rising but is not approaching in basic problem solution of life. Environment of culture that develops by party�s putting first and function putting first commonly cannot seek some countermeasure. Human desire becomes that contributed in clear mankind health in industry age in medical treatment field, but it is not presenting any countermeasure because coming at now. It is connoting many problems in the most fundamental dietary life.

    Energy by pollution is eating food that is not enough by human. As is doing and try gene transformation, is aggravating situation preferably. With various kinds problem at the human body by disease syndrome is 4field great classify . Of course, forward, although there is necessity to define little more correct classification standard Of retrogression disease digestive system, arthritis etc. with net ventilation system, surely, hlycosuria with mind system disease, heart After classify Problem is drawn spontaneously commonly. Though human body organized by superior synthesis function, by area, custom, hereditary nature etc. Some a part becomes disablement and is appeared by disease syndrome.

    But, human body is superior itself recovery ability Preferably, make to difficult environment of drug stuffs abuse Innumerable medicines are developed so far, but there is no medicine that is not virus If apply problem little more concretely Harvard University is no tradition as distinguished family and inferiority as universal college. Meet hereupon students� 24 hours work and life by daily work that get into pressure during 35 hours studies do .So, finishing some formally process excellently It has become very impotently to handle nonformula one in spot ultimately. There is no creative mind, and leader ship there is no and is adapted in environment that is given only. If this phenomenon becomes accumulation, Harvard may have plunged in chaos of disorder

    Then, by solution, if present Because do body fluids analysis of blood, urea analysis etc. at the all students, must draw common factor. Analyze so tolerance limit numerical value to be overcome environment treatment receive must. Otherwise, a student fewer than tolerance limit numerical value becomes individually very unfortunately. Expressed by individual here, but if do sampling in population, 10% is existed. So, it can be predicted easily that is changed by some disease syndrome. Although speak that is superior even if brain uses 10%. Energy system that follow hereupon because is limitative by specialized field resects must. So, if apply environment treatment system Human must be supplied energy during all life and is consuming energy constantly Because energy utilization efficiency is low to food or nutritive substance more than much serious metabolgy is caused also, human body energy principle becomes nutritive substance intake hardly in low energy state .So, as part of repletion Must take advantage of photosynthesis function although human body is no photosynthesis function as vegetable field.

    It can treat systematizing this, Treatment is available on powerless part of energy supply efficiency 250% other weak human bodies. There is no materialistic system present and there is no common use changed thing think all abstractly and avoid, There is no interest altogether beside own field and there is no any countermeasure. And first of all, although energy mechanism is applied being examined closely well Energy real and quantitative management are not achieved. Because had been used within life more than mankind life centuries, it is that systematize this developing with monitor ring only. Because had used Of course, mankind is centuries directly although speak that presence at a sickbed verification test will need interval Presence at a sickbed and virulent problem solved naturally Establishment condition is kept along with here and environment prevention of pollution condition to follow at computer life else - it is basic countermeasure for E- thrombus certificate Although East does to get something through special procurements exercise such as yoga It is trying without appearing concretely.

    As the example, when is cancer If grow because cancer happens to magnetic pole with various kinds factor, the state is gone very fast. Although it is best method that remove relevant region present It is evidence that energy is lacking that is grown and is changed. But, there is no method that supply enough energy Efficiency is low food and drug stuffs energy mechanism and route well does not prescribe .It can not but depend on itself energy supply means only This is aggravating more situation. So, it gets into station reaction state if supply energy that enough efficiency is high Change state stops and cell is gotten back normally. Also, thing that nitrogen monoxide mechanism is very important in heart disease Nobel medically According as is authorized Directly environment system treatment possibility gets worn out.

    First of all, all problems that follow in smoking are become countermeasure perfectly Although recently many research organizations such as NIH proposed Expression insufficiency or lack of understanding continuously forefinger altogether access does not become .So, solve fundamental problem of Harvard university laying stress on connection research institute It can compose synthetic environment treatment system forming consiotium10billon$. Although can speak that this capital scale is big As the example, comparison does not become compared to damage sum production by smoking of factor of disease. That do people health promotion by purpose by endowment and way of support as for other method hospital new construction is sound. So, it is subject that is contributed in mankind health promotion by new medical treatment improvement. End.

    Diagnosis (1)
    L.C.C. Life environment research institute
    Byeungok Oh (

    Does more than various disease recognize to warning message of age? As disease of respiratory system, transformation virus by Sars, bad cold immune body of human body becomes powerless , Damage becomes remarkably. Though confrontation immunity element is broken, there is no preventive method here. So, survival immunity time of human body is not long. It is foreseen to this becomes ecosystem transformation by development of life culture and damage is connected to greate disaster as throng life form.

    Also, syndrome more than disease that happen to the domestic animalses with mad-cow disease, foots disease etc.. is been caused most domestic animals castle equipment environments and foods material, but is becoming serious problem as is fed for direction controlled mostly to be prevented by animal survival instinct. End, is proportional and is not regulating medium here because number of individual is so much. Time did not remain little if is going to leave continuously Red signal is lighted in mankind health care gradually. It must change mode of life to culture originally in function putting first culture as quickly as possible.

    Human body function preservation energy system is becoming disablement gradually. Is going to be seeking incidental long-term part replacement or gene therapy perfectly and hang down to existing treatment method ? Still, life environment intensive care should be been prior if want to be healthy So, one by one mode of life originally by foundation kind be gotten back and must accomplish creation Therefore, sort main field

    � Because information is converged, human body confrontation field according as work and convergence are become very high

    � Food, processed food that is deformed gene is energy supply system field though energy supply of schedule level is led

    � Field that treatment that demobilize priority mother's body because it is no efficiency if done treatment medicines go unique immunity but immune body becomes low relatively must precede standardization

    � Field that must undergo gradually life environment treatment by diagnosis by a paperweight ticket sensitivity than human body minuteness diagnosis expense � step : Cycle environment treatment (most patient) of respiratory system �� step : Environment treatment (end patients) by hemodialysis same time

    � In necessary industry energy field in function putting first culture system ecosystem balance lose principal parts field that follow hereupon It must cope forward. Thus noninterference if it is done in circulation of nature be driven out . End .


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