Did the AMA unknowingly build their future client base?

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    jerrylposted 7 years ago

    I was born in 1940.  In my youth, we were bombarded with opinions that were thought to be truthful.

    In grade school, I remember reading things like:  Eat plenty of red meat, dairy products, potatoes and other veggies, drink lots of milk, and you will grow up to be healthy. 

    Tobacco companies let loose with all of their commercials on how smoking was the cool thing to do.

    It wasn't until many years later that the truths were told in these areas.

    Not making excuses for my mistakes.  Just wondering about these things, as I am of the firm opinion that the medical and pharma industries may not want cures to be permanent.

    Kind of like a Washington lobbyist.  If they solve problems, they work themselves out of a job.  They have to show progress, but not so much at a time.

    Your opinions?