What is it or are these?

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    days leaperposted 6 years ago

    As above!  "Dissasociative Disorders"
    And with treatments, if possible.


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      Look for an article by Dr. Bill Tollefson here on Hubpages called Fragmentation. It describes dissociation and dissociateve disorders. Since he has great experience treating these disorders, he can give you an accurate clinical description. He has another article on dissociative Identity Disorder (multiple personalities). There are many other hubbers who have written on it as well. Click on the "Hubs" label at the top of the hubpages page (any page) and at the right you will see a list of categories. Click on health then click mental health as the subcategory. Type in Fragmentation or dissociative disorders and you will find a lot. But Dr. Bill is a professional, so he would give you the best information.

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      Dissociative disorders[1] are defined as conditions that involve disruptions or breakdowns of memory, awareness, identity and/or perception.

      The five dissociative disorders listed in the DSM IV are as follows:

          * Depersonalization disorder (DSM-IV Codes 300.6[2]) - periods of detachment from self or surrounding which may be experienced as "unreal" (lacking in control of or "outside of" self) while retaining awareness that this is only a feeling and not a reality.
          * Dissociative amnesia (DSM-IV Codes 300.12[3]) (formerly Psychogenic Amnesia) - noticeable impairment of recall resulting from emotional trauma
          * Dissociative fugue (DSM-IV Codes 300.13[4]) (formerly Psychogenic Fugue) - physical desertion of familiar surroundings and experience of impaired recall of the past. This may lead to confusion about actual identity and the assumption of a new identity.
          * Dissociative identity disorder (DSM-IV Codes 300.14[5]) (formerly Multiple Personality Disorder) - the alternation of two or more distinct personality states with impaired recall, among personality states, of important information.
          * Dissociative disorder not otherwise specified (DSM-IV Codes 300.15[6]) - which can be used for forms of pathological dissociation not covered by any of the specified dissociative disorders.