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Getting Ready For A Christmas Party

Updated on November 23, 2015
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What Will You Wear?


So Many Christmas Parties To Go To Over Christmas!

Over the Christmas Holiday Season there will be a lot of parties to go to. You may be going to family or friends for a dinner or drinks party or you might be going out to a restaurant with work friends and colleagues. And you might be going to a Christmas Ball or party in a club with DJ's.

You'll need to get ready and get your clothes, hair, nails and makeup done in time and think of what presents you'll need to take with you; for example wines, cheese, cakes, biscuits, and other gifts.

What you wear is important as well. Will you be wearing a cocktail dress or ball gown? Or if you're a guy will you be wearing Black Tie or a smart suit?

Also if you're going to more than one party over Christmas or even just out to drinks with friends, you'll need to plan ahead so that you don't overbook and can go to all the events that you want to.

Christmas is a very sociable time for everyone and usually everyone is in good spirits and wants to enjoy themselves.

So much effort and organization is put into creating fantastic parties everywhere with decorations and lots of fantastic food.

Christmas is a time where millions is spent on food, clothes, hairdressing and beauty simply because it is part of the Holiday Season and also includes New Years Eve straight afterwards.


Are You Planning A Party At Home or Other Venue?

You can make your Christmas table look really festive with matching table linen, crackers and centerpiece decorations. Source:
You can make your Christmas table look really festive with matching table linen, crackers and centerpiece decorations. Source: | Source

What Venue will you choose?

What kind of parties will you be going to over Christmas and where will the venue be?

Are you going to a drinks party, a dinner, a nightclub, bar, hotel or friends house?

Here are a few typical venues for Christmas parties over the Holiday Season:

  • Family Home
  • Friend's House
  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Church Hall
  • Event Venue
  • Museum
  • Gallery
  • Bar
  • Nightclub

Top on the list of Christmas Party Planning?

Which one would you organize first for your party?

See results

Christmas Buffet Or Dinner Meal

Do you prefer a sit down dinner or a buffet style meal at a Christmas party. Source:
Do you prefer a sit down dinner or a buffet style meal at a Christmas party. Source: | Source

Christmas Party and Theme 2015

Ideas For Christmas Party Wear

Family Party
Friends Party
Work/Business Party
Christmas Party or Ball
Smart Dress
Elegant Evening Wear
Cocktail Dress
Ball Dress
Smart Shirt, Trousers/ or Suit
Smart Shirt + Trousers
Smart Suit
Black Tie

Women's Christmas Dresses

What kind of outfits are good to wear to a Christmas party for women?



  • Cocktail Dress
  • Long Evening Dress
  • Ball Gown
  • Skirt and Top With A Jacket
  • Christmas Fancy Dress


  • Stilettos
  • Wedge Heels
  • Pumps


  • Clutch Bag
  • Small handheld bag
  • Evening bag with jewels, in Gold or Silver, or Velvet.


  • Fur Wrap
  • Cape or Cloak
  • Long Coat
  • Wool and Silk Pashmina


Christmas Makeup And Hair

You'll want to get your makeup, nails and hair done before Christmas and you may have to have it done more than once.

Get a trim, color or highlights done and a conditioning treatment and blow dry.

Then you can discuss with your hairdresser what kind of hairstyles you want to have for Christmas. Tell him or her where you're going and any ideas for styles you have, that way, they will know more about what you like or the kind of hair style to fit the evening or event.

Christmas hairstyles are glamorous and chic with sleek blow dried straight styles and also big curls created with curling tongs or rollers.

Hair styles for the evening may be half up and half done or simply a hair up style.

And your makeup should be more sparkly or deeper to fit the Christmas mood and colors. Make up colors that suit the Christmas season are gold and silver glitter eye shadows and red and burgundy lip sticks.


Glitter lip gloss, either clear or gold looks good over your own lipstick and helps to create an evening look.


What do you think?

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© 2013 Toya Christie


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