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Christmas Day Parties

Updated on November 4, 2015

What does everyone do on Christmas Day?

What will you be doing on Christmas Day? Everyone around the world will be affected by the Christmas holidays in some way.

Are you seeing friends and family?

Are you going to Church in the morning?

Are you going out for a Christmas Eve dinner or party?

Or staying at home and having drinks or dinner?

When do you open your presents on Christmas day?

So many different people are affected by Christmas:

People traveling on public transport; other non-Christian religious groups; homeless people; poor families and children, people traveling to airports and flying, holiday makers and tourists, single people, and so many more...

What can you do if you are a tourist or on your own over Christmas?

There are a lot of restaurants and even shops open on Christmas Day in large cities where there are many tourists visiting during the Christmas and New Year period.

You can stay at home with your family and go for tea afterwards or go out to lunch and take a walk around the city.

Wait until it gets dark to see all the Christmas city lights.

Go to a friend's house for Christmas drinks or dinner.


  • Christmas Breakfast
  • Open Presents
  • Church
  • Open Presents
  • Christmas Lunch
  • Christmas Games
  • Go out for a Walk
  • Christmas Tea with Mince Pies
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Movies
  • Visit your relations

What theme to create?

Create a theme for your Christmas Day Party.

You could either use a Winter theme with blue colors, white snowflakes and glitter. For example use colored twigs in red, green, silver and gold glitter with baubles hanging from them and blue and silver garlands. And you can also use white tinsel for more effect.

Or you could use a standard Christmas Theme with red, gold and green colors. Make the table really standout with matching tableware. For example green and red holly, gold and silver colored candlesticks and candles and so on.

If you have a kids party then you could use a Disney character theme. For example get Christmas themed table decorations, tablecloths and cups for Disney Princess, Minnie and Mickey Mouse and so on.

What to do on Christmas Day?

Christmas Day At Home
Christmas Day Going Out
Christmas Day Parties
Christmas Dinner/Drinks
Go to a restaurant
At family and friends
Watching Movies
Go to a party
In a hotel
Opening Presents
Go to a bar
In a nightclub or bar
Go for a walk
Go to your relations
At your own house
Play games
Go to Friends
Hall, Church Venue
Go to church
Christmas Fairs
Christmas special event
Here are some examples for a typical Christmas Day at home, going out or going to a party

Mariah Carey All I Want is You

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Christmas Day Party Checklist

Get the table ready

Get all the cutlery

Arrange the drinks glasses or cups

Make mulled wine

Put the turkey on at the right time

Make sure all the vegetables are prepared and ready to cook

Make sure the desserts, cheese and biscuits are ready beforehand

Your hair and nails are done

Your Christmas clothes are ready to wear

© 2013 Toya Christie


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