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How to Create a Christmas a Winter Theme

Updated on November 22, 2015
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What kind of Christmas decorations would you use for a winter theme?

Traditional colours for Christmas are reds, golds, silvers and green. But some choose to have a theme which is white with gold and winter snowy effects to create a winter theme rather than a traditional Christmas theme.

However the two go together when you think of the Winter Wonderland theme parks around the world and the other Christmas markets.

Winter Wonderland has a Santas Grotto, bars, restaurants, a fair ground, and other stalls where you can buy Christmas gifts and arts and crafts.

You could get a white or black Christmas tree and decorate it with red, gold and other hanging ornaments, the tinsel could be black or white, and silver or gold.

Christmas decorations are very colourful but if you choose a winter theme you may want to have decorations with less colour for a winter theme.

For example you could use paper snowflakes in white and black, and have a wreath in white or black with bows, ribbons, berries and leaves.

The lights could be in white or dimmed reds and oranges and you could hang cinnamon and orange clove ornaments up to add to the theme.

Where are you putting your decorations?

To create your perfect Christmas decorations you need to think about whether you are decorating your family house, or for example, your daughter or sons room with him or her, or just creating a themed sitting room or dining room.

Definitely if you are decorating your shop for Christmas then the theme should go with the clothes or other items you are selling. You couldn't have a gothic or winter scene if all your clothes are very colourful and traditional. And likewise if your clothes or items you are selling are geared towards a more traditional Christmas then you wouldn't be able to have a Winter scene theme for your shop windows or decorations as these clothes or products would suggest long flowing chiffon or velvet and taffeta designs whereas a more traditional outfit may be in red or gold colours or silver with sequins and blue or pink silks for example. And if you are selling Christmas decorations and other items unless you are selling more than one style off decorations then they don't necessarily go together when thinking of sales over the Christmas and New Year period.


Some ideas for a Christmas Winter themed room

Let's see what ideas we can put together for Christmas winter themed room.

Green tree
Plain black tree without leaves
Paper snowflakes and paper chains
Hanging black or red large decoration stars and silver and black bells.
White and black tinsel
Red, gold and silver balls for the tree
Snow spray for the windows

Table decorations

A red tablecloth with red and black napkins, red wine glasses
Use red, black or gold plates and side plates.
Black or gold candlestick in the centre with white, red and black candles.
Red light bulb for dimmed lighting effect.
Centre flower arrangement could be in a black or red bowl or basket, with white red and black roses, lilies, or carnations mixed with holly leaves and other leaves and berries.


White, red and black coloured lights.


Green traditional wreath with white, gold and black ribbons and bows.
Or use a black wreath and white, red and gold ribbons and bows.
Then add black and gold sprayed leaves
And add some black twigs and white snow sprayed berries and nuts

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What will you need, make a list!

Black white tinsel
White and red lights
Silver theme table linen
Red or silver merry Xmas banner
Black candlesticks
Silver style glasses or goblets
Snowflake hanging
Dimmed red or orange lights
Silver and gold rimmed plates
Be creative with your winter theme. Make sure everything compliments each other.
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Look at the adverts here
The theme is more winters than traditional but still using traditional colours. Taken on portobello road in November.
The theme is more winters than traditional but still using traditional colours. Taken on portobello road in November.

Christmas Decorations Haul

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      Robert Sacchi 2 years ago

      Thank you some interesting ideas.