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How to Create a Playlist for a Party or Work

Updated on March 25, 2013
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Playlist Introduction

Whatever you decide to put on your playlist will ultimately determine the MOOD of your event; whether it is a house-party, a business event or whatever you wish to create your playlist for.

It is a fact that music changes mood - and when throwing a party of any kind (unless a niche part like "70's Disco"), your playlist needs to appease ALL of your guests; even if 20% of the songs do not appeal to you, personally.


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Start With TOP 40 Music

If you love Country Music, it doesn't mean all your guests will - this is the same with any "niche" of music. I suggest starting with Top 40 music as your playlist basics. Top 40 are the most popular 40 songs as of a certain time frame. allows you to search songs by basically every genre and year. Obviously, if a song made the Top 40 List, a great majority of people liked it (even if you didn't). In my work / party playlists, I used a ton of Top 40. Its always a hit...because it was/is a hit...literally.

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Pick "Ear - Friendly" Songs

To be totally honest, I am a huge rap fan - yet I know that rap likely won't appeal to my guests, so I keep my personal tastes to a bare minimum - a few songs here and there for those with my same taste, but I focus on what makes other people have a good time.

Avoid songs with profanity. You can look up "CLEAN" or "RADIO EDIT" versions of your fav songs that contain profanity.

Also avoid songs that could be taken offensively by your guests. Bottom line: If you have to question if the song is "friendly", then pass on it and add it to your own playlist.

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Mix It Up

NEVER have a playlist that is all one-niche unless you are having a niche party. I have been to parties and establishments that have playlists that are all, what I call "death rock"...and it kills the mood for me.

At my store our playlist consists of Top 40 songs ranging from the 50's to current - which matches with our clientele. I even have some 80's hits along with some 90's Nirvana (clean) and Britney Spears remixes. It goes over quite well. If someone in their late 40's hates the Britney Spears song, I'll see them digging the 80's classic song that comes on next due to the SHUFFLE function.

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If you don't have time or energy to create playlists, then buy some HITS cd's and play them, such as NOW hits (or WOW Hits if you aree throwing a religious event)

You can find awesome deals on Here's a few of my top picks:


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