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More "A Christmas Story" Merchandise Than You Ever Thought Possible!

Updated on November 14, 2014
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Awesome "A Christmas Story" Stuff

Christmas is right around the corner and many people love the movie "A Christmas Story." They might not even wait until Christmas to watch the movie. Plenty of people will watch Ralphie dressed in a pink bunny outfit all year round. "A Christmas Story" has become a tradition for many families during the holiday season. Not only do most people own the DVD (or for some of us, the VCR tape!), but TBS also has a 24 Hours of A Christmas Story marathon that begins at 8 PM on Christmas Eve and doesn't stop until 8 PM on Christmas night. So basically, if you've never seen "A Christmas Story," you simply have no excuse.

Through the years, some fans of "A Christmas Story" have found that it is not enough to only watch the movie. Instead, they want to somehow live the movie through "A Christmas Story" merchandise. When the merchandise for the movie first became available, it was a bit of a novelty. People mostly wanted the leg lamp or just some Christmas ornaments. However, there is a wide variety of merchandise on the market now that celebrates "A Christmas Story" and everything we love about it. You can even find "A Christmas Story" wrapping paper, which is quite awesome, I might add.

"A Christmas Story" Blanket

Sometimes I like to save the best for last, but today, that is just not the case. Yes, there is "A Christmas Story" blanket with sleeves. Now, the last time I checked, a blanket with sleeves is called a Snuggie. However, I am not actually seeing the word "Snuggie" on the box in the ad, so I think it is an unofficial Snuggie. Who cares about that though? It is an official "A Christmas Story" blanket with sleeves. No one could ever turn down such an awesome gift!

"A Christmas Story" Dinner Plates

Are you ready to have a really classy Christmas dinner this holiday season? Are you ready to show Mommy how the piggy eats? Well, you'd better get this awesome set of "A Christmas Story" dinner plates. No Christmas would be complete without them. If you are lucky, perhaps your major award will arrive while you are eating dinner on these awesome plates. Be careful since it might be fragile!

"A Christmas Story" Glasses

Obviously you are not going to be able to enjoy your dinner using "A Christmas Story" dinner plates without drinking out of "A Christmas Story" glasses. Have no fear! Thankfully, "A Christmas Story" Collectible Glasses are available so you can have the best Christmas dinner ever. Just remember, before you start your excellent dinner, don't nibble on the turkey before its completely done. You'll get worms!

The Leg Lamp

Is it possible to discuss "A Christmas Story" merchandise without including the Leg Lamp? Yeah, I didn't think so. For the diehard fans out there, this Leg Lamp is the perfect gift. You will probably want to plug this in right away and put it in the front window. If you and your neighbors gather around outside to enjoy its beauty, well, that just seems right somehow. Just make sure you don't accidentally destroy the lamp one day when you go to water the plants. That type of thing has been known to happen.

"A Christmas Story" Mugs

When you go to relax after Christmas dinner and a long day of nearly shooting your eye out with your Red Ryder BB gun, it might be nice to have some hot cocoa. What better way to enjoy a delicious, warm drink than with an official "A Christmas Story" mug? You could even pick up a duck at a Chinese restaurant to have a little dinner along with your cocoa.

You can opt to get a green mug with the phrase, "It's a major award" printed on it, or you may decide on a mug with a handle that is actually shaped like a leg lamp. Most likely, you should just buy both so two people can enjoy the fun.

"A Christmas Story" Calendar

When it comes to "A Christmas Story," many folks would like to enjoy the movie all year long. What better way to make that happen than with a calendar? Everyday, you can look at Ralphie and the gang get into ridiculous adventures. The best part about it is, it is actually a 16 month calendar. That is even more "A Christmas Story" fun than I'll bet you'd even imagined.

A Bunny Suit

When you wake up Christmas morning, what better way to celebrate than in a Bunny Suit? Luckily, there are plenty of pink bunny suits out there for you. If you are an adult that can't handle that much cuteness, you can get a child size costume instead for any kids you know.

You may want to buy an official "A Christmas Story" bunny costume or just some pink bunny pajamas at the store. Either way, hours of fun await you. After all, you would not want to disappoint Aunt Clara, would you?

"A Christmas Story" Wrapping Paper

After you've bought a ton of "A Christmas Story" merchandise for all the fans of the movie in your life, you'd better top it off with some awesome wrapping paper. Yes, there is "A Christmas Story" wrapping paper on sale and, yes, you should get it. It is fun wrapping even non-Christmas Story items with that stuff. If you'd like to top your holiday season off right, I totally recommend buying "A Christmas Story" wrapping paper right now. Go ahead. I triple dog dare you!

I triple dog dare you to watch this video...


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