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Best Small Digital Cameras For Ease And Function

Updated on January 22, 2013
Canon PowerShot SD20 Digital Camera
Canon PowerShot SD20 Digital Camera

Review Of The Best Small Digital Cameras

Photography is made simple with some of the smallest cameras available. But, don't let the size fool you. Many of these cameras can really deliver on quality. Find the best small digital camera either for yourself or for someone else for a birthday or Christmas gift. Depending on the unique needs of the person, I have found a variety of the best digital cameras available. My focus is on the small, compact, easy to shoot cameras.

Relax at home and shop online from my recommended picks. I have done the legwork to make it easier for you!

Canon Powershot Camera

I am a huge fan of the Canon PowerShot Digital ELPH series camera. Since I have owned the PowerShot SD20, shown above, for about five years now, I can say with confidence that I would buy a Canon camera again from their ELPH series.

It has delivered amazing results and has been so easy to use. My husband is heavily into photography and has many 35 mm cameras. He absolutely loves this little Canon and has taken such great pictures with it.

The PowerShot SD940 IS is the newest camera in the series and is packed full of new technology and options. It is a 12.1 megapixel with improved smart auto mode and 720 HD movies. It has face detection auto focus, motion detection technology, blink detection and image stabilization. Wow! If my Canon SD20 wasn't still holding up so well I would be buying this newer version!

Pentax Optio Waterproof

Here is a perfect camera for the outdoor enthusiast! In fact, I am going to buy this one for my husband. He is always taking our Canon with him on his hunting excursions and I'm always afraid it will end up falling in a lake our out of a tree stand. This camera will be perfect for him.

The Pentax Optio W80 digital camera is totally adventure proof. It is waterproof, dustproof, cold proof and shock proof! It can withstand falls from over three feet and be submerged in water up to sixteen feet. Oh, and while it's underwater, it can take underwater photos!

As if that weren't enough, it still is packed with all the features you would want in a digital camera. It is 12.1 megapixels and has widescreen HD movie capabilities. The face detection technology, shake reduction, and super macro mode for close focusing all make for superior pictures. It even has an anti-reflective coating for helping with bright sunlight.

Cameras For Teens

When looking at all of the camera choices for teens I kept coming back to the Canon PowerShot ELPH series. The SD1000 Model is less expensive than SD 940 and would be a great one to start out with.

If your are going to invest money in a camera to get a teen interested in photography, you don't want them to get discouraged by poor performance and bad pictures. I made that mistake with my kids and the discouragement it caused was definitely not worth it. Now that they have quality cameras, they enjoy photography immensely!

Digital Cameras For Preschoolers

 I can't leave the little ones out!  When they see the big people taking pictures, of course they are going to want to join in the fun.

This is the best camera I could find.  It has a high resolution and a 1.8 LCD.  There is even video capablity!  The fun colors and cute design make it a favorite among kids.

What is extra special about this camera is the on-camera games and the ability to make photo adjustements with cartoon enhancements.  Kids will get a laugh about putting an animal nose on grandma's face!


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    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      Dohn, I think everyone that I know of that owns a Powershot is happy! I'm glad your's is still working out well for you too ;) Thanks for the congratulations - I better get writing!!

      Poetlorraine, thanks for commenting :)

    • profile image

      poetlorraine 8 years ago

      great advice there fo anyone looking for a camera

    • dohn121 profile image

      dohn121 8 years ago from Hudson Valley, New York

      Yes, I too have the same camera as you, Song-Bird. Mine is a Canon Powershot SD450 5.0 Megapixel, which is very outdated by today's standards. It was perhaps the most practical present I bought myself 4 years ago. It still works like a charm (I dropped it twice in all) and the only things I've done thus far was buy an extra rechargeable battery and a 1 GB SD card. Great hub! I hope you sell a camera or two :D

      Congrtulations in advance on your 50th Hub! It's a great feeling to do so!