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Buy Funny Patriotic Gifts -- Patriotic Novelties

Updated on March 30, 2012

Show Your Love For The United States With A Smile

Celebrating the Fourth of July or other holiday parties is a time to be with friends and family -- and to have fun! Therefore, why not celebrate by showing off your patriotic side, as well as your good sense of humor? Giving a funny patriotic gift is a nice way to ring in the occasion and to give someone special in your life a much-needed chuckle. My dad, husband and father-in-law all have strange senses of humor so they all love silly and unusual gifts. I'm sure you know people who like this sort of thing, as well.

Patriotic novelties range from the silly, such as American flag toilet seat covers, to the truly strange, such as the sunglasses that make everything look like fireworks (though, frankly, I think I'm going to buy myself a pair of those things because they look like they're so cool). Then there's the full-on Uncle Sam costume ... and I think that the less said about that, the better. I think every family or group of friends has the one person who'd actually wear such a thing and it usually results in leaving everyone scarred for life.

But whether you decide to give a patriotic gift to someone in your group or buy one for yourself just to show it off and celebrate July 4th, you're sure to have a great time.

God Bless America ... For Having Such Unusual Patriotic Novelties!

American Flag Toilet Seat Covers!

When you gotta go, you gotta go, but don't let that stop you from showing your love for the United States for even a minute! With these stars and stripes toilet seat covers, you can continue celebrating the Fourth of July -- even while you're in the john. What's cool about these "seat socks," too is that they make ones that are appropriate for every holiday. So when July 4th is over, you can remove them and put on generic ones for the summer ... and then some for Halloween and then Thanksgiving ... and so on.

As far as patriotic novelties go, I wouldn't recommend putting these seat coversĀ on for a solemn American holiday, such as Memorial Day or Veterans' Day. But for a fun occasion, like a July 4th barbecue, these toilet seat covers make great conversation pieces -- and great funny patriotic gifts.

American Flag Hats

What could be more American than a cowboy? A cowboy wearing a traditional wide-brimmed hat ... that has the stars and stripes on it.

Seriously, between the American flag hard hat and red, white and blue cowboy hat, you and your friends can dress up like a patriotic version of the Village People. It seems as if there's a patriotic hat for everyone, even cute, little American flag bonnets for babies.

If you want to wear something a little less "out there," however, you can put on a stars and stripes baseball cap. After all, baseball is the American pasttime, so this is very appropriate. And it'll look cute with whatever summer outfit you wear to your July 4th party.

But if you want to truly show your American spirit this Fourth of July, these patriotic hats are the perfect way to do so. They're cute, they're entertaining ... and they protect you from the sun, which is also important, especially in July.

Of course, they also make a funny patriotic gift for someone you know who loves America ... or just likes amusing head gear. So get ready to be the most stylish person at this year's July 4th party!

Patriotic Boxer Shorts

These patriotic gifts are sure to leave the receiver of said present red, white and blue: white from shock, red from embarrassment and blue ... well, blue from laughing so hard that their face turns that deep purplish color. That said, patriotic boxer shorts are sure to be remembered by your friends and family whether you give them as a gift or wear a pair yourself. You're certain to attract some attention!

I mean, why not go all out and celebrate the holiday with them? It's all in the details, right? And if you don a pair of these red, white and blue boxers along with one of the American flag hats, you'll be more than ready for this July 4th.

American Flag Video Game System Covers

Let's face it, when you're at a Fourth of July barbecue, there are going to be many guests who either spend all of their time checking messages and texts on their phones or who venture inside to watch the game or play video games. Well, you might as well make things as patriotic as possible for them, too, right? This way, they can keep up with the festivities in their own ways.

Enter American flag covers for your video game system and phone! They're easy to put on and remove and can bring that American spirit to every facet of life. So even when a guest is ignoring you to reply to a text, you'll at least know that he's still part of the celebration.


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