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Funny Valentine's Day Gifts -- Novelty Valentines Gift Ideas

Updated on June 12, 2011

My Funny Valentine

As I'm about to enter my 10th year of marriage, I can safely say that one of the things needed to keep a relationship going is a good, healthy sense of humor. Happily, both my husband and I have a warped idea of fun so we're always making each other laugh.

One great way to show that sense of humor is with a funny Valentine's Day gift. Yeah, yeah, V-Day is supposed to be romantic, but why settle for the same old flowers and chocolate? Giving a gift that makes your honey smile will definitely be remembered and appreciated (though you might want to give it along WITH a regular gift).

These funny Valentine's Day gifts are also perfect for those non-romantic, but still important people in your life: your friends, your brother, your amusing co-worker, your dad (personally, my father-in-law, who can be really warped would probably love a Swear Bear).

There's no question that love is serious business. But where would love be without a little fun and laughter to go along with it?

Rude Teddy Bears

Valentines Toilet Seat Covers

Most people begin their day getting ready in the bathroom, so why not get going with a Valentines theme right from the beginning?

These Valentines Day toilet seat covers are cute, sexy and a great way to let your honey know just how much you love him. Toilet tattoos come in many cool designs: there's the lipstick print with one giant lip smack going right across it. What better way to say, "Sealed with a kiss?" Then there's the single rose seat cover. I mean, why stop with just a dozen roses for Valentine's Day?

Give her one more flower - she deserves it! And you BOTH deserve to have a romantic Valetines Day bath time.

Valentine's Day Toilet Seat Covers

Valentines Day Teddy Bears That Say What They Mean!

This Valentine's Day, you can give your loved one a cute, cuddly teddy bear ... or you can give him or her a teddy bear that tells you to F-off! These Swear Bears are adorable to look at ... but not so adorable to listen to. Still, you gotta respect someone who tells it like it is, right?

The Swear Bears also make great gifts for friends. If you have that type of pal who's always sarcastic or complains about how much he hates Valentines Day and it's just a Hallmark holiday, blah, blah, blah, give him a Swear Bear to shut him the bleep up. Or give it to that brother who always ate your Valentines Day candy.

Whoever you give one to, these Swear Bears will make them smile!

That's what love is all about.

Heart Print Boxer Shorts

What better way to set the tone in the bedroom than by giving your man these cute Valentines Day appropriate heart printed boxer shorts? Might as well keep that Valentines spirit going all day and all night, right?

They're sexy, sweet and just scream L-O-V-E. You can give the simple heart boxers or the Hershey Kisses pair, which are super delicious. And if you really want to get things going, why not give the Hot, Wild and Sexy Flaming Hearts boxers? Or bring out the animal in him with the tiger striped hearts. Grrrrrrrrrr.......

If you'd prefer to not give these to your guy, they make a great gift for a friend who might want to use them. Either way, you're almost guaranteed an "Oh My God!" when the person receiving these boxers sees them for the first time!

Household Objects For Valentine's Day

One of the most thoughtful things you can do for a loved one on Valentine's Day is make breakfast in bed for that person. Now imagine if that Valentines breakfast comes with toast that says, "I love you," a heart-shaped egg and a nice, tall glass of juice that contains ice shaped like Valentines Hugs and Kisses? And then on top of that, the salt and pepper shaker are heart shaped!

These Valentines Day items are not only great for the holiday but can be used all year round. Who wouldn't appreciate getting an affectionate piece of toast or writing with a pen shaped like a lipstick?

They also make great gifts for friends because they're cute and funny, but not overly romantic. Someone receiving XO ice trays isn't going to misread any symbols.

Give one of these sweet gifts to a person who you care about this Valentine's Day!

Funny Valentines Household Objects

Funny Toys For Valentines Day

An important part of romance is being playful. What better way to do that than with these Valentine's Day toys?

Take a sexy bath with your honey and include the Valentines Day rubber duckies. Or if your loved one, say, forgot to give you a card last year and remembered to do so this time around, perhaps you might want to award him with a Valentine's Day diploma. It will forever let him know how much his efforts are appreciated!

If someone you know wants a car, but can't afford it, Hotwheels has made special Valentine's Day cars. This way, you can show you care by giving said car ... in miniature.

Of course, if you just can't think of anything, you can always give the creepy pair of love rats. Nothing says, "I love you" more than a pair of rats decorated in hearts!

These gifts also work really well for a Valentines Day grab bag or goody-bag if you're having a party for the holiday. They're small and silly ... and will keep everyone laughing.


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    • BkCreative profile image


      8 years ago from Brooklyn, New York City

      I just love the idea of a valentine's toilet seat and those salt and pepper shakers. This is a great holiday to be creative - to me that is the most romantic gift of all. But sigh! - we always follow the pack.

      Thanks for the hub!


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