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Buy American Flag Jewelry -- Patriotic Jewelry

Updated on May 28, 2011

Show Your Love For The U.S. When You Buy American Flag Jewelry Online

There are many ways to express your appreciation for the United States - by singing the National Anthem or saluting the flag -- but a nice and fun way to do so is to sport American flag jewelry. Patriotic jewelry comes in many forms -- earrings, necklaces, pins, lapel pins -- all of which either look like the American flag, have stars and stripes on them or show some other patriotic statement.

This jewelry makes a great addition to any outfit that you'd wear to a July 4th barbecue or fireworks show. Since this holiday is meant to celebrate America, why not go all out and add a little patriotic touch to your ensemble?

However, partriotic jewelry is also appropriate for Memorial Day, Veterans' Day ... or just about any day, really. You don't need a special occasion to show how much your country means to you! Wear this jewelry any time of year. My husband served in the Army reserves for 10 years and still proudly keeps the pins that he was given on his nightstand. He doesn't just take them out for holidays because his appreciation for America is full-time.

American flag jewelry also makes great gifts for those in your life who also love the United States or have served in the Military. So feel free to put on some patriotic jewelry and show off just how proud you are!

Buy Patriotic Necklaces Online

When you wear an American flag necklace or patriotic necklace, you're literally showing how near and dear your country is to your heart. These beautiful necklaces are perfect to wear to a Fourth of July celebration or a July 4th parade -- or really at any time of the year when you want to show how much you love the United States.

However, just because you're showing your love of America doesn't have to mean that your jewelry isn't beautiful! The sterling silver American flag pendant is covered with blue sapphires, so that you can get a classy and subdued, but bejeweled look. There's enough sparkle on it so that you stand out, but the crystals aren't overbearing with their shine.

Meantime, the gold American flag necklace is a very simple and elegant way to express your national pride. You could even pair it with an American flag T-shirt and this way, it won't get lost in the pattern. This one will also look great with many other outfits -- even a fancy dress because it is so chic.

If you want to make two statements at once, the peace sign pendant is a great choice, showing that while you love your country, you believe that we can still find peace in this world. Same goes for the heart necklace, which helps you show your love for the United States quite literally.

Patriotic Earrings

When you show off your country, why not have fun doing it? There seems to be no limit on shapes and styles when it comes to patriotic earrings.

The heart-shaped American flag earrings are adorable and give you a new way to say, "I heart America!" Meantime, my favorites are the dangly American flag earrings that look as if they have sparklers hanging off of them. Forget the fireworks -- these earrings can light up your July 4th barbecue on their own! Yes, they're a little crazy, but think about what a hit you'll be at the next party.

Of course, there are plenty of simpler patriotic earrings out there, as well. The rumpled flag earrings look almost as if they're really blowing in the wind, just as the United States flag does.

Patriotic Pins

If you're looking for a more solemn and serious way to show your respect for the U.S.A., then consider getting an American flag pin to wear for the Fourth of July or any other patriotic holiday, such as Memorial Day or Veterans' Day.

What's great about patriotic pins is that they can be worn by both men and women. A woman can attach her American flag pin to her blouse, but a man can also wear one as a lapel pin. They look good with pretty much anything. For instance, the yellow and white gold flag pins are dazzling, but elegant, and would pair well with any suit or Military formal wear.

They also make wonderful gifts for friends and family who are in the Military or are veterans. You might not want to give whimsical earrings to, say, an aunt who's served overseas, but instead go for something a bit more somber. A patriotic pin is an elegant and appropriate way to show that you appreciate all that she's done for the country. I personally love the God Bless America pin because it gets right to the point with its touching statement.

Whatever occasion you get an American flag pin for, whether it be the Fourth of July, or just your everyday life, it's sure to attract attention.


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      6 years ago

      This jewelry and pins have their own unique appearance and appeal. People love the fact that they get to wear as a symbols of patriotic.


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