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All I Want For Christmas -- My Christmas Wish List

Updated on June 7, 2010

What I Want For Christmas

Let's cut to the chase: I don't officially celebrate Christmas. I'm Jewish so my family celebrates Hanukkah, a holiday which I love and will always be near and dear to my heart.

Still, that doesn't mean that I don't enjoy the Christmas holiday season. Many of the people in my life, including my best friend who is graciously letting me decorate his new home for Christmas this year, do celebrate it and have very generously invited me into their celebrations. That said, I'm making up my own list -- and don't worry, Santa, nothing on here is gonna cost you anything -- for what I'd like to experience this Christmas.

My Christmas List

1. We'll Have A White Christmas ... Sparingly: Last year, it began snowing in late November and pretty much didn't stop until March. I'm in New York City, so some snow is to be expected, but making it snow every other day was a little excessive! So I'm not asking to prevent it from snowing altogether (it is pretty after all), but for it to snow only every couple of weeks or so. And only a couple of inches at a time, but not enough to really delay things or strand people.

2. The Homeless Will Have Warm Beds: With the economy currently tanking, we're seeing more and more homeless people on the streets and the subways. I try to give money when I can, but there's only so much an individual person can do and the weather is getting colder here. I really don't want to hear news stories about homeless people freezing to death.

3. Every Kid Will Get A Gift: I know that this is a tall order, but I'd love if it every kid will get at least one gift this year, no matter how poor his or her family is. I know some children who are so spoiled and get about 100 expensive gifts. Unfortunately, this year especially, I think we'll be seeing more people without presents than with.

4. We'll Have Plenty Of Lights Up In Our Neighborhood: This request is really simple, but I love Christmas lights! Last year, the decorations in our neighborhood were a little lame. I'd love to see some more crazy homes that go all out putting up holiday decorations.

5. More People Will Give To Charity: I know I probably sound like Miss America with this list, but I like to think I walk the walk. I always ask my friends to give to charity instead of giving me a birthday gift each year; if any are reading this list, I mean the same for the holidays. But even if you don't know me, take the time to do something charitable for the holidays, even if it's giving a gift basket to a less fortunate relative. It'll make you feel better. Trust me.

6. I Won't Break Any Ornaments: A couple of years ago, I was helping to set up our tree in my office and ended up accidentally smashing a couple of ornaments. Is this bad luck? I don't know, but I was embarrassed anyway. As I said, I'm decorating my friend's tree this year, so I hope I don't break any of his ornaments. I know that many are sentimental and I'd hate to do that to him. He might never let me decorate again!

7. The Arts Channel Shows Another Airing Of "The Cracked Nut.": Last year, one of our cable channels aired this marathon of different productions of The Nutcracker throughout the years. My favorite was this modernized version of it called The Cracked Nut, which had these crazy '60s sets and funky costumes. I'm sure it's online, but I'd love for it to be on TV again.

8. I'll Get To See Those Friends And Family Members Whom I Haven't Seen: It can get so crazy around the holidays, sometimes it's difficult to find time to see friends and family. I'm hoping, though, that I'll get to catch up with people during my week off this December. For instance, I haven't seen my childhood friend, Lani, for almost a year! This is the perfect time for us to get together.

9. I'll Get To Relax This Holiday Season: Perhaps this is selfish of me, but I just want to be able to relax and enjoy the holiday. In December, 2005, our cat died; the next year, our other cat was going through chemo; in 2007, we were mourning the death of a friend; last year, my dad had a heart attack and I was called for jury duty. I'm not asking for a million dollars or anything unreasonable, I think. I just want to have some happiness in December.

10. There's Plenty Of Chocolate: Who am I kidding? I wish for this all the time, not just Christmas or Hanukkah. But I hope there's delicious chocolate for myself and for anyone else who loves the stuff. Chocolate makes the world go round!

11. Everyone Has A Great Holiday: This was supposed to be a Top 10 list, but here's my cheesy bonus: I hope everyone's holiday season is full of love and joy. I mean that!

Happy Holidays!


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    • profile image

      Darlene 5 years ago

      All I would like to Christmas this year would be to fine someone to love. At 57 years old, there probably wont be too many more Christamses. I would just wanna know if his out there, to love back the way I love. I love to laugh and just want to be happy. Having not a great childhood with Christmas being a nightmare every year. I would just love to fine that one special Christmas heart, to brighten mine. Merry Christmas to all.....and too all a good night!

    • profile image

      Islandwide 7 years ago

      Cool wish

    • emievil profile image

      emievil 8 years ago from Philippines

      I wish that all your wishes will come true :).

    • IslandVoice profile image

      Sylvia Van Velzer 8 years ago from Hawaii

      What a lovely list! You have such a heart. May all your wish come true, and thanks for the wishes as well.