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Buy Decorative Christmas Stockings -- Decorative Holiday Stockings

Updated on November 27, 2012

Hanging Christmas Stockings

Let's face it -- a home just isn't complete for Christmas until you've hung some Christmas stockings. Whether you've hung them over the fireplace mantle or over the staircase doesn't matter. It's simply the idea of carrying out a beloved holiday tradition ... and of course, providing a convenient spot for Santa to put his stocking stuffer gifts!

Christmas stockings come in a variety of styles. There are felt aplique Christmas stockings with elaborate three-dimensional characters and designs on them; needlepoint Christmas stockings with intricate patterns and colors; classic Christmas stockings that are solid colored with a fuzzy white trim and knit Christmas stockings that have an old-fashioned look. You can buy most of these ready-made or you can even make your own stockings using Christmas stocking kits.

Whichever type of Christmas stocking you choose, however, you're sure to have a warm, inviting and beautifully decorated home this holiday season. Merry Christmas.

Felt Aplique Christmas Stocking Kits

Felt Aplique Christmas Stockings

These felt aplique Christmas stockings by Bucilla are much more than just holiday decorations -- they're works of art. Each has a unique design, transforming it from a simple Christmas stocking to an elaborate portrait, which is sure to be a conversation piece when guests come to your home for the holiday.

What's great about Bucilla's Christmas stockings, too, is that you get to work on them yourself! Each Christmas stocking kit comes with easy-to-understand instructions so that you can design the stocking. It's not quite making the stocking from scratch, but it's the next best thing -- and how great will it be when your friends and family are admiring the stockings at Christmas and you can tell them, "I made it!" Besides getting those bragging rights, though, it's just plain fun to make stuff and gives you a great sense of accomplishment. Putting your own Christmas stockings together will only help you get into the holiday spirit this year. They also make great gifts for those crafty folks in your life.

Bucilla felt aplique Christmas stockings have designs for nearly every taste. There are stockings with Santa on them, including a whimsical Santa cowboy stocking and a Santa chef stocking. There's a gorgeous sugar plum fairy stocking, which is perfect for a little girl and an adorable snowman stocking, which will bring a little white Christmas into your home for that special day. My personal favorite is the stocking with the kitties on it ... but then again, I'm an unapologetic cat person!

All are beautiful and perfect for celebrating the holiday. These eye-catching stockings will only make your home more festive for the season.

Needlepoint Christmas Stocking Kits

You can buy needlepoint Christmas stockings that are ready-made or ones that come in kits where you get to do the needlepoint yourself.

Doing needlepoint is a wonderful way to relax. When my mother was pregnant with me, she made all sorts of needlepoints, including a huge one based on a painting from the 1300s, which they have hanging over our fireplace. It took her a couple of months to make it, but it helped soothe her during that time.

But even if you're not quite that skilled at needlepoint, the good news is, these stockings come with instructions and are easy to make!

Needlepoint Christmas stockings come in every design imaginable - there are stockings with angels on them, stockings with Santa, stockings with animals, stockings with holiday tableaus ... the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing these little works of art.

Needlepoint stockings also make great gifts. For instance, if your mother likes to do needlepoint like mine, you can give her one of these kits. Or perhaps you have a friend or co-worker who enjoys needlepoint; again, it makes a great gift and is inexpensive, as well.

You can also give a needlepoint Christmas stocking as a gift after you've made one yourself. You can even personalize the gift and add the person's name on the stocking.

But no matter if you give a needlepoint stocking as a gift or make one to add to your holiday decorations, they make a wonderful addition to your Christmas festivities.

Solid Color Christmas Stockings

If you don't like to make stuff or prefer to keep your Christmas decorations a bit more simple, then a classic Christmas stocking is perfect for you.

When one thinks of a traditional Christmas stocking, chances are he or she is imagining a red stocking with a white trim on top. You can buy that type of stocking, but there are some beautiful variations, as well.

The pink Christmas stocking is adorable and would be perfect for a little girl -- or even as a gift for someone who's just had a baby girl.

Meanwhile, the red velvet stockings are chic and luxurious looking. They'd look great hanging over a roaring fire on a cold and snowy Christmas night.

Best of all, these stockings are perfect to hold some stocking stuffer gifts! So enjoy a traditional Christmas with some classic Christmas decorations.

Knit Christmas Stockings

Knit Christmas stockings are another great decoration to include for your Christmas holiday. They have a slightly different look than the other types of Christmas stockings -- they're longer and thinner, and look more like socks than the typical wide Christmas stocking.

You can find knit Christmas stockings with all sorts of prints. Being a musician myself, I personally love the stocking with the piano keys on it. It's perfect for a piano teacher or pianist and even has some red in the trim to give it a Christmasy feeling.

There are also knit stockings that resemble hockey sticks. This would be great to give a sportslover or hockey player in your family.

There are also amusing knit Christmas stockings that are striped or dotted with snowflakes, or that come in cute patterns. I love that set of four because the stockings all look like they're in the same "family," but are different enough so that each has its own special thing on it ... kind of like my real family is.

Of course, if you want to go all out this holiday, you can hang knit stockings, as well as felt apilque stockings and needlepoint stockings. Go ahead -- it's time to celebrate!


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