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Hello Kitty Christmas Ornaments -- Hello Kitty Christmas Decorations

Updated on March 30, 2012

We Wish You A Hello Kitty Christmas

When it comes to well-known cartoon figures, Hello Kitty is definitely among the most popular. Crreated in 1974 by artist Ikuko Shimizu, the first Hello Kitty appeared on a small, vinyl coin purse, which was produced for the Japanese company, Sanrio.

Obviously she caught on because now you can find pretty much anything with a Hello Kitty design on it, including Hello Kitty credit cards, Hello Kitty toilet paper and Hello Kitty steering wheel covers.

That said, there are plenty of Hello Kitty Christmas ornaments available for the holidays. They feature Kitty doing everything from dressing like a rock and roll star to wearing a snow costume. But they're all adorable and waiting to be hung on your tree.

There are traditional glass Hello Kitty ornaments, as well as ceramic ones, plush ones and even ornament sets. If you or someone you know is a Hello Kitty fan, there's sure to be something that's perfect for your Christmas celebration.

Hello Kitty Ornament Sets

What's better than one little Hello Kitty hanging on your Christmas tree?

How about two or three or four or even five Hello Kitties! Hello Kitty Christmas ornament sets give you the best of both worlds -- you get to have your beloved Hello Kitty on hand to celebrate Christmas with you, but you also get a variety so that there's one for everyone in your family.

All of these mini Hello Kitties are sweet and pretty, and are sure to make your Christmas tree look all the more colorful this year.

These cute ornaments also make great gifts for any Hello Kitty fans in your life. Because they're not too expensive, they'd be something fun to give to a co-worker in a holiday gift exchange or you can include them as a stocking stuffer.

There's no shortage of Hello Kitty poses and these Christmas ornaments prove that. There's Hello Kitty in pink, in blue ... even wearing a funky black bow.

Then you have Hello Kitty skating, playing a rock and roll guitar, cheerleading ... the list goes on and on.

Not to mention the Christmas-themed Hello Kitties: there she is stuffed in a stocking and wearing an adorable Santa hat! Perfect for your celebration.

How you arrange your Hello Kitty Christmas ornmanet set is up to you. You can put the ornaments in different areas of the tree or you can hang them so that they're all near each other. You can even hang them in someplace else other than your tree, such as in a window or on a Christmas wreath. Your only limit is your creativity!

Hello Kitty Plush Holiday Ornaments

There's no denying that Hello Kitty is a warm, friendly figure that you just want to give a big hug to. These soft, snuggly plush holiday ornaments will allow you to do that.

Fuzzy and soft to the touch, you can squeeze and squish these little guys ... and they're sure to make you smile whenever you see them hanging on your Christmas tree.

Hello Kitty plush holiday ornaments have her in many different outfits. There's Hello Kitty wearing a beautiful red gown as she prepares to head out to a holiday party and there she is dressed as a snowman ... or snowgirl, in her case.

My favorite is the one of her wearing a pair of antlers ... though if I tried to make my real kitty, Maya, wear those, she'd kill me!

No matter which Hello Kitty ornament you choose, she'll help you spread that holiday cheer as you celebrate this year.

Individual Hello Kitty Ornaments

If you don't want to get a whole set of Hello Kitty ornaments, you can buy an individual one. This way, you can add some of your personality to your Christmas tree -- i.e. you're a Hello Kitty lover! -- without making the tree all about Kitty. It's the perfect compromise if say, you like Hello Kitty, but your husband is a sports nut and would prefer not have such a "girly" tree. This way, you can have your Hello Kitty on it and you can both get your way!

There are many different types of individual Hello Kitty ornaments. There are glass ornaments, which are shiny and sparkly. I like these because when you turn on the lights on your tree or in your home, the ornament will pick up the reflection and look like it's rainbow-colored.

There are also ornaments where Hello Kitty is holding stars or diamonds, which are very festive and perfect for the season. And there's a Hello Kitty holding a present as she celebrates her own holiday.

If you want to give an ornament as a gift to a Hello Kitty fan, you can make the gift even more heartfelt by making the ornament personalized. A space is on the ornament so that you can arrange to have a name written across it. This is also wonderful if you and your family each have special ornaments that you like to hang on your tree. A Hello Kitty personalized ornament would be a terrific gift for a little girl who's just starting to put together her own ornament collection.

There are enough Hello Kitty items available that if you really wanted, you could cover an entire Christmas tree with them! But even one or two will pretty up your home and make your holiday even more special and memorable this year.

Meowy Christmas!


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    • cwarden profile image

      cwarden 6 years ago from USA

      My niece is a big Hello Kitty fan - great ideas here. Thanks!

    • BEAUTYBABE profile image


      I love your "Hello Kitty" items Naomi. They have given me lots of ideas for gifts. I see you are a musician. I played the violin in the Queensland Youth Orchestra for seven years. I loved singing also and decided to take up singing lessons. I sang in the Queensland Light Opera Company and then in later years with another smaller "Musical Comedy Musical Society". I still love to sing although my illness is fast taking my voice away, but it hasn't stopped me yet. I have only been hubbing 5 weeks, so I still have a lot to learn. I am not a writer but there are plenty of people here to learn things from thankyou and God Bless BB