It's that time of year....

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  1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image99
    TIMETRAVELER2posted 2 years ago
    Yep...time to just stop, take a deep breath, set the computers aside and put things into perspective.  It really is not all about making money, getting views and going viral.  In the real scheme of things, it is about finding peace, contentment, good health, friendship and love.  It is about where mankind is going and what he is doing to get there and the part you play in it.

    Far too many times we forget to just stop and look at the night sky and think about how beautiful it is and what lies beyond...and beyond...and beyond.

    When all is said and done, 100 years from now it is likely that nobody you know, including yourself, will be here, so make the best of your time and try to enjoy those little, every day things, that make life worth living.

    Happy Holidays

    1. tsmog profile image80
      tsmogposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Happy Holidays . . . enjoy!!

    2. CatherineGiordano profile image98
      CatherineGiordanoposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      I wish everyone a happy holiday season. Thanks for this post, timetraveler2

    3. robie2 profile image93
      robie2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Absolutely right TT2.  We all get frustrated and feeling out of sorts with Mr. Google now and then and you are so right about the antidote.  I agree wholeheartedly.  Forget about Pandas and Penguins..... there are more important things in life for sure.

      May you have a wonderful Christmas and New Years... and may 2016 bring you all kinds of new and wonderful online experiences. .  BTW you not only write great Hubs, you also have a very nice blog on the same topic I think, and I bet some strong social media accounts too.  Your niche is a terrific one, and one that from your writing, I can tell you are passionate about. I bet you rank very well with Google and that 2016 will send you off on some exciting new directions on Hubpages and beyond.  Happy Holidays :-)

      1. TIMETRAVELER2 profile image99
        TIMETRAVELER2posted 2 years agoin reply to this

        Thank you very much, and likewise, thanks to all here who have responded thus far.

        Actually, I only write for HP and no longer have my blog.  I also do very little with Social Media.  However, I definitely love my niche and enjoy writing in it.

        I wish you and everybody else here at HP a lovely holiday and hope that the best things of 2015 become the worst of 2016.

        1. Michael-Milec profile image60
          Michael-Milecposted 2 years agoin reply to this

          Thanks, agreeing, let's hope for the best...things... of 2016 and we will reflect on them about this time next year.

    4. ChitrangadaSharan profile image61
      ChitrangadaSharanposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and other fellow Hubbers at HP!

    5. colorfulone profile image84
      colorfuloneposted 2 years agoin reply to this

      Time Traveler, it is a wonderful time of year for reflecting during the Christmas season with the New Year approaching.  I have been thinking on the best use of my time.  We only have so much time in a day and I can think of many ways to maximize that time...and that takes action. 

      It only takes five minutes in a day to begin to change the coarse we're on.  I have changed my coarse many times.  Time is one of the greatest commodities we have, we can invest it on what matters or waste it on things that don't matter.  Its up to each individual by choice. 

      If we want better results and fresh hopes for today and tomorrow, we only need to change our actions by doing what works. Otherwise, we get stuck in a rut!   I can think of a rut I want out of.   smile 

      Have a Happy New Year!  (all ya' all)

  2. Nell Rose profile image91
    Nell Roseposted 2 years ago

    Happy Christmas and holidays to you too Time traveler, hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. paradigmsearch profile image90
    paradigmsearchposted 2 years ago

    TT2, you are right. In fact, I'm big on that sort of thing.

    TT2 and A Rose Is A Rose, Merry Christmas!

  4. Will Apse profile image90
    Will Apseposted 2 years ago

    I have a Xmas tree with baubles.

    It is about as far as I go, lol.

    Going to try to avoid drunkenness.

  5. Missy Smith profile image88
    Missy Smithposted 2 years ago

    It certainly is about all these things you mentioned. I, myself, am winding down. I shut a few social sites off for the holidays. This one will probably be the only one I drop by and read from time to time in the next couple weeks.

    Happy Holidays smile

  6. Venkatachari M profile image28
    Venkatachari Mposted 2 years ago

    Nice thoughts. We can spend some time daily for this kind of admiring the real meaning of life. Look at the nature around you - the trees, flowers, fields, rivers, oceans, sky, sun, moon and stars and wonder about how they are like that what they are. And think about the force behind all these things that make them. Experiencing all this is the real bliss and joy of life.

  7. Michael-Milec profile image60
    Michael-Milecposted 2 years ago

    ... ''that time of year"... taking me back few decades as a new commer, everywhere ,everyone was saying "merry --------" while reflection on the faces of people was joy and happiness... "this" time , just to spread my joy and happiness , wishing you and everyone a very merry whatever you celebrate. We have only this one life and being happy begins with a decision:of the heart:  Have a joyous everyday, peaceful, successful  and blessed 2016.

  8. IslandBites profile image85
    IslandBitesposted 2 years ago

    Feliz Navidad!

  9. Jasmeetk profile image83
    Jasmeetkposted 2 years ago

    Happy Holiday...


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