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I have just built a hubpage and its saying I have duplicate content.

  1. Christine S profile image60
    Christine Sposted 8 years ago

    I have just built a hubpage and its saying I have duplicate content.

    I know I don't because I have just checked it on copyscape. I also have placed only two links on the hubpage. One to squidoo and one to my website so I don't understand what I have done wrong.

  2. Cam Anju profile image74
    Cam Anjuposted 8 years ago

    I would just double check you haven't put it up someplace else, if it's not your content that you have written it might be up someplace else that's not being picked up by your checker. If you did write this from scratch in the hub editor... it's got to be a glitch... writing from scratch it's so hard to still come up with duplicate content.

    I was just recommend either waiting to see if it goes away or rewriting it a bit here and there so it doesn't show up as duplicate anymore. I was going to go see your hub and check to see if I could find it anywhere online but I see it's no longer there... just write some new and fresh content and try putting up another hub, you'll get it!

    Being picked up for duplicate content a couple of times now, (even though it's mine) I just rewrote and after 10 minutes the notice was gone. The links, I have had my hub picked as "over promotionable" once, it only had 2 links... it went away the next day on it's own.

    I hope to see you write some more and try again! smile

  3. WordPlay profile image61
    WordPlayposted 8 years ago

    I had that happen when someone posted my content in a forum. If it doesn't clear up, try writing the HubPages community manager and asking if any other copy locations can be detected in their official duplicate content checker. That's how I found out about my info being posted in the the forum.

    Good luck!

  4. kj12 profile image49
    kj12posted 8 years ago

    I am experiencing the same problem...and I hate it! If we are the author or editor of our own articles, we have the right to publish it wherever we want. It is just not fair for hubpages to penalize people on the basis that it is a duplicate content 'post-publication' period!! After all, it is OUR articles and it is not theirs!

    Say, I post an article, my own article, and it is original at the time of posting. Someone who read the article copied it and put it in a forum/elsewhere and we get flagged for duplicate content and we have to change it because someone else is using the article that we posted.This is not fair. Hubpages should modify their requirement so that they check the uniqueness of the article AT THE TIME OF POSTING..NOT AFTER

    Seriously, this is getting annoying...

  5. Hub Llama profile image64
    Hub Llamaposted 8 years ago

    If you didn't write it yourself, i.e. you bought it or got it from some article distribution service, chances are that it IS duplicate content. Copyscape relies on the search engines to find copies, so if they have already been delisted or hiddent because they are duplicates, then copyscape won't be able to find them again.

    Also, a lot of people think that changing a few words or sentences makes something unique. Computers aren't as dumb as they used to be and if four out of five sentences are 90% the same they'll call it duplicate.

    If you DID write it yourself and have never published it before somewhere else then the answer is that either you quoted someone and it was too long, or that you used too many cliche sentences or phrases and that got picked up as duplicate. This is especially likely on a very short 300 word article because it doesn't just 30 "same" words adds up to 10% of the content being duplicate.

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