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Christmas memories

  1. awoodog profile image58
    awoodogposted 7 years ago

    Christmas memories

    What is your fondest Christmas memory

  2. The Suburban Poet profile image82
    The Suburban Poetposted 7 years ago

    Great question... many memories but for some reason the one I remember the most was my very young son walking down the stairs with an incredibly serious look on his face because he believed and he was anticipating the proof of Santa's existence. Classic moment...

    Of course now he need therapy because I lied to him about fairy tales... that's a joke folks...

  3. Just Ask Susan profile image88
    Just Ask Susanposted 7 years ago

    When I was about five my grandfather was over visiting at our house and it was Christmas Eve. He came in about eleven at night and said to me come on Susan let's go open presents. He was such fun and I miss him dearly.

  4. jeremysharon profile image30
    jeremysharonposted 7 years ago

    I love that this time of year presents moments of magic that you just don’t see throughout the year.Christmas create memory every year. there is no doubt... Is such as great festival. I am waiting every year. To do some thing special.