Hi,I want to become a witch but I dont know how my friends tell me that I cant n

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    3llacookieposted 7 years ago

    Hi,I want to become a witch but I dont know how my friends tell me that I cant no such thing but...

    I believe there is a possibilety for everything can you please help me I dont know how,,,from Emily Davis

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    Seeker7posted 7 years ago

    First of all you need to examine 'why' you want to be a witch?You need to search deeply first of all and ensure that it is the path you want to follow. Most schools will ask you to write down why you want to do this.

    Most witches actually go under the name of Wicca/Wiccan. For obvious reasons this has less of a negative tinge about it, since most people today still see Satan worship and Witchcraft as the same thing, which of course it is not. For a start Wiccans don't believe in the devil.

    It also depends on what kind of Wicca you want to be invovled with? Do you want to belong to a group? Do you want to be a solitary practioner? Do you want to study with a tutor face to face or remotely?

    The majority of the study to become a Wiccan is learning about yourself through meditation and other excercises given by your tutor. Learning about the Goddess and God, history, folklore and many other subjects. But it depends on your tutor and their teaching methods. Wiccans also have an excellent philosophy that they advise you to work and live with - 'do what though will as long as it harms none' - this includes yourself and any animal or other part of nature.

    It might at first be very useful to search out a couple of information books from say Amazon, E-bay or other on-line book sources. Put in a search for example 'learn wicca', 'all about Wicca' and so on. These will give you more in-depth information and 'good' sources of tutoring. It is important that you get a school/tutor who is very experienced in Wicca and is dedicated to your instruction not just taking your money. It is possible to study on-line/via e-mail, at least for the novice levels of Wicca. If you feel you have found a tutor, investigate first. Ensure that you can withdraw from enrollment if it is not for you. One of the best organisations to keep you on the straight and narrow is the Pagan Association who have lots of free information. If you are in USA or Canada they will have the equivalent association.


    Lastly, look up some of the Pagan hubs on Hub Pages, there is bound to be some excellent advise - and more knowledgeable than me - to get you on the right road of light!

    Hope this has helped - lots of luck!

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    fundguruposted 7 years ago

    I agree you should examine first the why? If it is just a egocentric view to gain power or influence.

    So what is the intention, helping or harming people? If you want to help people, then you may could become a herbalist instead of a witch.

    You also have to differentiate between white and black magic. To learn any magic you have to be pretty smart and read a lot of religious books in order to understand natural sciences, the magic of maths and words, as well to know the names of demons, archangels and angels. Without the knowledge of old hebrew and old sumerian languages how will you do so?

    But you also should be aware that if you become a witch, that you then violate many religious laws. Already the bible condemns sorcery and magic. And indeed the laws of the Witchhammer from the catholic church never have been dismissed. So catholics would have the right to judge you, although this has not happend since the 1920´s.

    In orthodox christian and islamic societies people may at once attack you if they find out that you are witch, which would result into cruel death and may affect your entire family.