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Have you ever organised a surprise party and if so what made it a success?

  1. Nettlemere profile image93
    Nettlemereposted 5 years ago

    Have you ever organised a surprise party and if so what made it a success?

  2. internpete profile image89
    internpeteposted 5 years ago

    Yes, and It was a success because it was a surprise!

    (sorry, I had to!)

    But seriously, surprise parties can be tricky. What I have found is that it is best to have a few organized people lay out the plan all at once, that way no one is confused about the time/place or anything like that. It is also beneficial to try to keep the numbers down, because the more people who know about the party, the more chance it won't be a surprise.

    Probably the biggest success factor is communication. There needs to be one plan, and everyone needs to know the part they play, whether it is just to keep their mouth shut and show up at a certain time, or coordinate the party.

  3. Woody Marx profile image71
    Woody Marxposted 5 years ago

    Although I have never organized a surprise party on someone else, the greatest surprise party I was the victim of was the day I was born.

    There I was, all warm and happy, floating in space and having a lovely time, when all of a sudden I was pulled by my legs out into a room full of masked men (and women) holding what I took to be metal instruments of torture!

    You can imagine how surprised I was.  Nothing will ever equal it if I live to be a thousand.

    I call it The Greatest Surprise Party Ever!

  4. profile image0
    summerberrieposted 5 years ago

    A group of us gave my sister a 40th birthday party. It was a success. I think the main 
    reason was because there was a group of us organizing it together so it was no so overwhelming and my sister loves parties so she was "pleasantly" surprised and her 40th Birthday was a nice memory.