Why do you celebrate Christmas?

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  1. calynbana profile image77
    calynbanaposted 11 years ago

    Why do you celebrate Christmas?

    I have noticed that the stores are stocking up on Christmas goodies. Tis the season to start seriously thinking about money, and debt and presents right? Do you feel obligated to give gifts? Are you stressing or celebrating around Christmas time?

  2. lburmaster profile image73
    lburmasterposted 11 years ago

    Habit and the hope of a holiday. Just a time to relax and have a special month devoted to hope, faith, family, and happiness. Yes, I am obligated to give gifts though. When not around my family, it's a great time. When around them, I just get stressed.

  3. profile image0
    An AYMposted 11 years ago

    I don't get stressed at Christmas, but I do feel obligated to get gifts.  As I've gotten comfortable in my skin I tend to try to keep it to one or two small personal gifts to whomever I give gifts to.  I try to stick to things like creating artwork, or getting something ridiculous for their amusement.

    I'm not big on gifts though.  I think gifts are lovely things, but I've just never cared much about stuff so on the flipside I just tend not to be a big gift giver.  I don't really like it when any holidays dictate me on how I should be expressing my feelings.

  4. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 11 years ago

    i celebrate christmas because it's a good time for families to get together, give some gifts and spend time just being around each other.i never stress out over it, i don't go into deep debt, if you do , you're a fool.

  5. lone77star profile image71
    lone77starposted 11 years ago

    No obligation during the Christmas season, but I am developing a desire to be more generous year-round.

    In the Philippines, Christmas decorations and music start early September! That's one-third of the year.

    But I celebrate Christmas to celebrate the opportunity given us to awaken spiritually -- to become less attached to our human bodies and the physical possessions that surround them.

  6. Jesse Mugnier profile image60
    Jesse Mugnierposted 11 years ago

    I celebrate Christmas for my family, I love the way holidays bring people together.

    I absolutely feel obligated and start stressing around September. Of course if I looked after my finances better, I may not have that problem.
    Then again, when you have a family of your own, and an extended family that just keeps growing, its hard not to over spend.
    However, I should point out, we only give gifts to out nieces, nephews, parents, and grandparents in addition to our own 3 kids and eachother. That does not mean that, that list is short.

    I find that setting a limit on those gifts it makes life a lot easier. For the children, I keep it at a $15 or $20 minimum, this is a great amount for the newest Barbie or Lego toy, or even an iTunes gift card.
    The adults you buy for are more tricky, I usually just go with giftcards to their favorite restaurant or bookstore.

  7. talfonso profile image85
    talfonsoposted 11 years ago

    Well, last Christmas I didn't go to Mass, but delved deeper about the true meaning of the holiday. I though of the Jesus at infancy, his dad Joseph, and the Immaculate Conception herself. I soon realized that the holiday stretched far beyond family togetherness - it reminded me to always keep my faith and trust in God.

    I don't care much on the debt, gifts, or decorations. All I care is keeping Christ in the holiday and giving to charity.

  8. mommy ara profile image67
    mommy araposted 11 years ago

    We celebrate Christmas because it is one of those holidays that we really go out of our way to be with family. My siblings, who have also have families of their own, all gather at my parents house and just talk and share a meal.

    On the gifts, most of those I give gifts to are kids. It's like paying-it-forward because I got my fair share of gifts when I was kid.

  9. profile image0
    HowIConqueredposted 11 years ago

    Family tradition mostly and the fact that I enjoy the commercialism behind Christmas. I am a Christian but that's really only because of family tradition as well. I follow and agree with the teachings of the bible more so than any other religious book that I've researched/read. I do believe in God, a higher being, but I'm not sold 100 percent that everything in the bible is written as pure fact nor do I have a 100 percent belief in Jesus ironically. This is all something I've come to a conclusion over the past few years. I celebrate Christmas in a spiritual sense because of a variety of things and not just to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

  10. profile image0
    Lybrahposted 11 years ago

    I celebrate Christmas because it is about Christ's birth.  The presents and Santa Claus stuff is all secondary.

  11. austinhealy profile image73
    austinhealyposted 11 years ago

    I celebrate Christmas because in my family it is a tradition. A tradition of getting all together, enjoying each other's company and making it special for the children.
    Some of us will go to midnight mass, some won't, some who normally never go to church will do so for that one occasion. After midnight mass, everyone will be hungry and we will shamelessly make pigs of ourselves, and sit at the table until 3.00 am or so. Then we will spread the presents for the little ones around the tree.
    On Christmas day, we'll do it all over again, and livers will start to feel the abuse. But we've done it that way for decades and it works for us, it brings us together as a family and I couldn't think of a better way. Damn, I miss Santa Claus...


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