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Why are people so mean during the holidays?

  1. miguel91 profile image61
    miguel91posted 5 years ago

    Why are people so mean during the holidays?

    My sister works at a local Shoe Carnival. Today a lady comes to the register, buys a few pairs of shoes. She leaves one set behind. My sister answers a question that does not relate at all to the lady that was leaving the store. The lady then turns around assuming that she was talking about her and begins yelling at my innocent little sister. She calls us on her break crying. The holidays brings the worst side of people.

  2. thakurrajesh profile image60
    thakurrajeshposted 5 years ago

    I think this is not a right place to discuss that type of questions here... Around you there are lot of people who hates you without any reason.

  3. Goody5 profile image71
    Goody5posted 5 years ago

    It's no different on the holidays then it is at any other time of the year. The thing is you just expect more from people, and that doesn't usually happen.

  4. profile image52
    kodii-niicoleposted 5 years ago

    During the holidays, people are very silfish and dissatisfied...a lot of stress and animosity occurs because people know that they can not always confide in themselves to do thinks orderly! In the situation of your sister, she got struck with the wrong end of a stick that should have never been pointed at her. She, from the sounds of it, got yelled at by a hostile lady who was already dissatisfied with herself. It's  common thing for people who are upset or angry to take out that anger out on an innocent person because it makes them feel better...sadly, people like that aren't capable of taking the blame for their ignorance and realizing that it was wrong! I hope you and your family had/are having a wonderful holiday season! smile