What is the point of thank you cards or notes?

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    Annsaloposted 23 months ago

    What is the point of thank you cards or notes?

    Why is a simple thank you not enough? What is the need for sending thank you cards? Do you think of someone any less if they send you an email saying thank you instead of a card, for say a wedding gift?
    I'm asking this after seeing a ? here asking if children should be taught to write thank you notes. I personally have never understood why someone would need/want a thank you card. Is the thank you the person says after getting the gift not enough?

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    ElvisaMposted 23 months ago

    Well, that is a great question. I believe that as technology advances and even the youngest generations are constantly using electronics to communicate. This letter writing and thank you notes are kind as well as necessary. Pretty soon, the technology will take over every aspect of our lives, if it hasn't started to already. Just saw a question from a woman who said that 7 schools are completely eliminating basics of education, allowing students to use electronics to find answers, solve problems and even write.
    Aside from all that, writing a thank you note is significant but not required. It is significant because written notes tend to stay with one for a long time and they can look at it years from now and remember the good times. Writing letters and sending them also keeps the Post Office running and it gives forgotten joy of receiving something from someone that matters rather then bills bills bills and spam all the time.

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      Annsaloposted 23 months agoin reply to this

      Valid points. I think writing is a need, I just never understood why someone needed more than a simple thank you. I guess creating a good memory is a good reason.