What do you think of celebrating St. Patrick's Day and how do you do it?

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    davidosposted 14 months ago

    What do you think of celebrating St. Patrick's Day and how do you do it?

    Are you a fan of all the green, the binge drinking, and the parties? If not, what do you do?


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    WordCrafter09posted 14 months ago

    The only thing I do is (maybe, and provided some previous door decoration isn't frozen on as a result of ice storms/blizzards etc.) )is hang a shamrock on the door.  Also, I have a pretty candy dish that has little shamrocks in it, so I may put that on the dining room table and may add some green-foil wrapped candies in case someone comes by.  That's it.  (Oh, I actually do have a green scarf and gloves if I happen to go out within a day or two of the 17th.)  That's it.

    I'm not big for hanging on to x-times-removed "roots", and the Irish background is only on my father's side (and even then it's a couple of generations in or so).  My mother's side is a whole other thing (that isn't Irish).

    Still, because of my father and his family (but also because a holiday decoration on the door brightens things up) I just think it's a pleasant enough thing to at least acknowledge a day that's celebrated by all kinds of people who aren't even Irish at all.

    Partying for that particular day is not my thing, but since other people enjoy it "great" for them.   It's just that the day doesn't mean much to me; and contrary to common belief, in spite of my Irish "roots" I've never been much of a drinker.   Oh.....    I may - if I think of it - go post (somewhere like FB) a couple of pretty, traditional, Irish songs that my father would sing to us  when we were little,  It just seems like a kind of nice thing to do (again, if I think of it and am in the mood to be bothered) because my (grown) children never got to know their grandfather on my side.  For the most part (and with the exception of those few pretty songs), I'm not a fan of "Irish jig type" music (and the partying type stuff that tends to go with it).

    Melting-pot "kid" that I am, and born halfway through the last Century, AND with three kids who are even more "melting pot" than I am, I tend to favor watering down any number of holidays in a way that seems most appropriate to me.  With mother's-side roots generations down from Scotland and also back to the Pilgrim days, I just feel too deeply rooted in, and tied to, American history and the "melting pot thing" to hang on too much to distant Irish roots.  The candy dish and door shamrock pretty much do it, as far as I'm concerned.

    With the PARTICULAR MIX and depth of my own ancestral roots in America (and all these generations down), I think (as they say) "all signs point to" not wanting to "hang on" too much to the non-American pasts.

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      davidosposted 14 months agoin reply to this

      Very interesting, thanks for answering!