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How did Valentine's Day come about?

  1. Marla Rose profile image73
    Marla Roseposted 5 years ago

    Who invented Valentine's Day?  And how did Valentine's Day become a holiday?

    1. Marla Rose profile image73
      Marla Roseposted 5 years ago

      Me too!  I would like to know the true facts about Valentine's Day!   Perhaps we will soon.  Thank you on commenting on the Valentine question.

    2. Stacie L profile image88
      Stacie Lposted 5 years ago

      from my valentines hub..."History of valentines day

      The history of Valentine’s Day or Saint Valentines Day has its’ origins in legend.

      The holiday has its roots in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalis/Lupercalia, a fertility celebration commemorated annually on February 15.

      Apparently the Valentine was a Roman bishop who performed secret marriages against the wishes of the Roman Emperor Claudius II around the year 270.

      He was eventually discovered and was executed for defying the Emperor. That’s roughly how he became a Saint. Read more about it on this link"

    3. Uninvited Writer profile image85
      Uninvited Writerposted 5 years ago

      Try Google

    4. Anti-Valentine profile image97
      Anti-Valentineposted 5 years ago

      That part, the history part I get. But the cards, chocolates and flowers, etc...

      In my opinion, it's just a hallmark holiday that companies, corporations jump on in order to make money.

    5. Greek One profile image71
      Greek Oneposted 5 years ago

      You will read all sorts of stuff about St Valentine...

      but basically, the truth is, some chick somewhere had a hankering for a box a chocolate about 100 years ago, and her dorky boyfriend ran out in a February snowstorm to get it for her.

      That man's name was Sylvester Hallmark, and after the frostbite wore off, he started a greeting card business