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Maneki Neko - Symbolic Gifts

Updated on August 31, 2011

Maneki Neko Symbolism

Here's a great selection of Maneki Neko, also known as Japanese Cat, Lucky Cat and Beckoning Cat. If you are buying a Maneki Neko for yourself or as a gift for someone else there's a few things to consider. All Maneki Neko represents good things, however depending on pose, color and often symbols on them, they all mean different forms of luck.

Are you looking to gain more money, or to protect what you have, are you wishing for good health or love to come into your life, maybe you're wishing for safety and security, there's lots of good things that the Maneki Neko represents.

See below for a great range to choose from and which Maneki Neko you should go for depending on your wish!

Maneki Neko - Symbolism of Poses

Maneki Neko symbolism sometimes differs depending on where you are in the world, but generally for the Western world this is an overview of what the poses represent:

  • Left Paw Up - Inviting customers or people
  • Right Paw Up - inviting money and good fortune
  • Both Paws Up - protection

You don't have to follow the guide at all, you may see a Maneki Neko listed that you simply like the look of and want. It really doesn't matter, all Maneki Neko are lucky charms that if you believe in them, may bring you good luck and prosperity. This is just an overview to the symbolism, because it's kind of interesting and fun!

Maneki Neko - Symbolism of Colors

  • Maneki Neko wearing a bib and bell - wealth and material possessions
  • Calico or Mixed Color Cat - luckiest of all Maneki Neko in all areas
  • Green Cat - good health, good education
  • Red Cat - love and marriage
  • White Cat - purity, positivity
  • Black Cat - protection and safety
  • Gold Cat - lots of wealth and prosperity
  • Pink Cat - love and romance

Maneki Neko Mixing and Matching Poses and Colors

If you want to choose your Maneki Neko based on symbolism, here's where the poses and colors come into play.

So if you match the pose with the color, for instance, you would like more money to come into your life, then you would choose a Right Paw Up, Calico or Gold Maneki Neko.

Or if you want to find love and romance you would choose a Left Paw Up, Red or Pink Maneki Neko.

If you wanted better health you would go for Both Paws Up, Green Maneki Neko.

As I said earlier, these are the general Western symbolism examples, but as the Maneki Neko symbolises good luck in general, you don't have to follow this, but it's here if you choose to.

A Maneki Neko is a lovely gift to give to someone. It's a lucky charm after all, and we could all use one or two of those in our lives!


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