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Sushi Pillows - Cute Gifts For Sushi Lovers

Updated on August 31, 2011

Sushi Pillows Are Cute

Here's a cool selection of cute sushi pillows to choose from. Coming in various sizes from mini to supersize, these are really cute, fun gifts that any sushi lover would enjoy. A large part of the appeal of sushi is how it looks, it's always beautifully presented and has to be one of the most visually appetizing foods around. This is why items that resemble sushi are so popular.

Sushi pillows are decorative, cute and super comfortable to snuggle up with. They vary widely in price, so there's sushi pillows to suit all budgets. If you want a cute gift for a sushi lover, these are a great gift to choose for them.

See below for the cool and cute selection to choose from. Happy dreams about sushi!

Sushi Pillows On Amazon

Not technically all sushi pillows, but all sushi soft things to snuggle up to!

Only 1 sushi pillow on Amazon, but there's some super cute plush sushi and some seriously cool sushi poufs to get comfy and cosy with.

This sushi pillow is more decorative and cool rather than cute like the sushi pillows available on eBay below. The cotton pillowcase has a bright design of a sushi platter on a table with chopsticks and a dish of soy sauce. It's likely to make you hungry!

If you want to add a novel piece of furniture to a room, go for a sushi pouf, they're great items that are really fun, cool and unique.

These will brighten up any living space that needs a bit of a fun touch. Comtemporary and quirky, cosy and fun, you're sure to get loads of compliments about these plush sushi items.

Sushi Pillows On eBay

These sushi pillows are real quirky, cute items that sushi lovers of all ages will adore.

The photos listed really don't do these sushi pillows justice, they are gorgeously plushy and beyond cute. The supersize sushi pillows make great floor cushions, they're comfortable and beyond cosy to snuggle with.

These Japanese sushi pillows come in a range of sizes from mini up to supersize:

  • Small or Mini is 7 inches / 18 cm
  • Medium is 13 inches / 33cm
  • Large is 18 inches / 45 cm
  • Supersize is 28 inches / 70 cm

This is an adorable gift choice for anyone who loves sushi and cuddles!

Not all designs are listed, there are more sushi pillows to choose from on the seller pages.


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