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Monster High Venus McFlytrap Doll

Updated on August 30, 2017

Meet The Venus McFlytrap Doll From Monster High

Monster High, you've heard of this fun TV series kids all over are crazy about, it's a huge hit. Since the TV show is so popular there is now a line of toys including some very interesting and unique dolls. This lens is a guide and it's going to introduce you to one of the Monster High dolls, Venus McFlytrap. Venus is one of the newest dolls in the MH doll line. And if your child is a fan of the show, she is really going to like this doll. I found the image on Amazon and you can find it for sale on this lens.

Get Your Venus McFlytrap Doll Here

What's Cool About Venus McFlytrap?

Like all the Monster High dolls, Venus McFlytrap is a fully pose-able doll and dolls you can pose are just more fun to play with. She is also the prettiest shade of green you've ever seen, and this doll is very good looking. You almost wouldn't believe she is the daughter of the Plant Monster, but she does have vines growing out of her skin, and that makes you believe it. Venus McFlytrap comes with a couple of her favorite things including Chewlian, her little pet Venus fly trap, her hair brush, a bag and her journal. The Mattel Company says that Venus is a safe toy for children ages three and up.

Here's Venus McFlytrap From Mattel's Monster High Doll Collection

Here's Venus McFlytrap From Mattel's Monster High Doll Collection
Here's Venus McFlytrap From Mattel's Monster High Doll Collection

Is Venus McFlytrap On Your Daughter's Wish List?

Monster High Dolls Make Fun Christmas Gifts For Girls

If your daughter is a Monster High fan, this doll is on her wish list ... unless she already has it! Venus is a good looking Monster, she has that green skin, vines growing out of her arms and legs. Then there's the vine jewelry she wear around her neck, and on her ears. That's something you don't see everyday! Her hair is green and pink, a very funky, girly color combination and it matches Venus's personality to a T. She's a bit punky and so is her hair do is just right, one side shaved and one side long. It reminds me of Cyndi Lauper and her punky, fun style. Venus is 15 and I'll bet you were a bit punky when you were 15 too.

Take a look at the clothing on Venus. They tell you a bit about her individual style and her personality. She is dressed in bright colors and her clothing has a wild pattern. That tells you that Venus is no Shrinking Violet, in fact, she's just the opposite, she is loud, and bright and bold.

Oh, and since I am a SHOE FREAK, I do have to mention her high heeled bright pink boots that are very, very cool! They are colorful and have the cutest little smiles, or is it a grin, on the front of them. They tie up with green laces and seem to have a stand out personality all of their own.

What's Venus McFlytrap Into?

Venus, being part plant and all, is very into ecology and saving the Earth. She wants everyone to feel the same way she does and it takes all her might not to use her "special pollen" on people. She calls it Pollen Persuasion. Venus has a pollen she can release and it can persuade people to think the way she does for awhile. And she tries not to use it too much, but sometimes it does happen. She is the most eco-friendly of all the Monster High dolls. Wanting to save the world is a great message that Venus can help get across to kids. She's actually a great role model.

She loves to say, "It's Not Scary Being Green!

Venus loves fresh air, sunshine and water, in fact, they are her favorite foods. Her favorite color is green, and from her hair we can tell pink is running a close second. Her hobbies? Venus loves to spend time outdoors, so hiking, camping, and sharing her ideas of a clean earth are here favorite things to do.

Lagoona Blue From Monster High Is Venus McFlytrap's Best Friend.  This image is from Amazon and you can find it for sale on this page.
Lagoona Blue From Monster High Is Venus McFlytrap's Best Friend. This image is from Amazon and you can find it for sale on this page.

Venus McFlytrap's Friends At Monster High

Like just about every teenage girl we know, Venus has lots of friends at school. Her very best friends are Lagoona Blue and Gillington "Gil" Webber.

Here's a picture of Lagoona, she's looks great considering her father is the Swamp Thing!

Here's Where You Can Find The Monster Dolls

Here's Draculaura

Here's Draculaura
Here's Draculaura

Cleo de Nile Doll

Cleo de Nile Doll
Cleo de Nile Doll

Robecca Steam

Robecca Steam
Robecca Steam

Rochelle Goyle Goes To Monster High Too

Rochelle Goyle Goes To Monster High Too
Rochelle Goyle Goes To Monster High Too

Spectra Vondergeist

Spectra Vondergeist
Spectra Vondergeist

What Do You Think About The Monster High Dolls?

The Monster High Dolls, Like 'Em or Leave 'Em?

Which Doll From Monster High Is Your Favorite?

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