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Cryptosporidium Changed My Life - a Love Poem

Updated on October 30, 2012


In a previous love poem entitled "New Years Eve" I told the true story of how I met my wife on a blind date on New Years Eve of 1992. My niece had invited a woman that she worked with to join us on New Years Eve while I was visiting over the holidays. We both were reluctant to meet because blind dates seldom work out.


But the night was magic and somehow we agreed to establish a long distance relationship by telephone. (I lived 400 miles away.) At Easter I returned for the first time to see if the magic was still there. We had carefully planned some activities since we had never even had a first real date. Then unexpectedly, my future wife became deathly ill with cryptosporidium and the rest is history.


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Cryptosporidium Changed My Life - a Love Poem


Cryptosporidium changed my life in a most unexpected way.

It all began eighteen years ago on a typical April day.

The call came in unexpectedly, saying that you were ill.

I picked you up at your office and thats when this tale goes downhill.


I had traveled 400 miles, dear, just to see your lovely face.

We had planned to go on a date or two, perhaps just a fond embrace.

We met on the previous New Year’s Eve, at a prearranged event.

We were meeting now for a second time to see if the time was well spent.


For hours we'd talked on the telephone, discussing our hopes and our dreams.

Still we had to meet in person; things are not always as it seems.

We planned the week out so carefully, just a series of public events.

You now were too ill to attend them, a change in our plans this presents.


Each morning I traveled to get you and brought you to where I was staying.

Each night I took you home again, without a thought of delaying.

Your little dog, Rocket, came with you. He was always close by your side.

He usually sat in between us, just to keep me occupied.


He gradually grew less protective, although he was never remiss.

And when he wasn’t watching, I cautiously stole a first kiss.

He soon let me sit close beside you, but he never strayed far away.

That let me get to know you much better, but thats all I'm allowed to say.


You would lay on the couch in you sweat pants, often too ill to eat.

I would sit on the bed close beside you in our private little retreat.

We talked for hours and hours. There was little else we could do.

Gradually over the time span, our love for each other just grew. 


The days quickly passed until Thursday, when I had to get ready to leave

I told you things happened too quickly. I needed more time to believe,

I planned to return to Detroit next, to sort out some things in my mind.

I needed to be much more certain, that passion had not made me blind.


I went downstairs to do laundry, I wanted clothes that were clean.

But all of the time I kept thinking, "Just what does all of this mean?"

Will I know any more when I get home, than what I already know now?

The answer didn't surprise me. It came to me quickly somehow.


I rushed up the stairs with my laundry, You were still lieing there on the bed.

I gently sat down beside you and asked you to lift up your head.

I then put my arm close around you and told you I needed to know,

If you would be willing to marry me, Your reaction was just a bit slow.


A split second seemed like eternity. What if you actually said no?

And then you delivered your answer. Thank heaven it was a go.

We started planning our wedding and we sealed it with a kiss.

If I told you this story was over, I would certainly be remiss.


A final piece of the puzzle, remains to be put into place.

It appears in another Hub soon, right now we have run out of space.

You now know how cryptosporidium really did change my life. 

Instead of diarrhea and cramps, friends, it actually brought me my wife.


Four hundred miles kept us apart

Milwaukee, WI:
Milwaukee, WI, USA

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Detroit, MI:
Detroit, MI, USA

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