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Love Poems and Sad Stories - The Legend of Vinnie the Pooh

Updated on December 7, 2012

Vinnie the Pooh (Lombardi)


Love Poems and Sad Stories


A gentle Lahsa Apso comforts a Russian orphan and teaches her to love again. As he grows old and his health begins to decline she prays for God to spare him but eventually, his liver fails and he has to be put to sleep.


She insists on being there for him at the end just like he was there for her when she arrived. She builds an alter by her bed to keep his ashes on and each night she says a simple prayer, "God bless you Vinnie the Pooh".


This true story is a tribute to this gentle, loving dog and the brave young girl who stood by him until the very end.

From the autobiographical book "Love Poems and Sad Stories" by rjsadowski.


The Legend of "Vinnie the Pooh" Lombardi


Named after Vince Lombardi, a former Packer great,

He looked so frail and tiny as he lay there in his crate,

That we had to do much better, a manly name wouldn’t do,

We had to call him something else, so we named him Vinnie the Pooh.


He was a golden Lhasa Apso with the biggest deep brown eyes.

He had a gentle disposition which made you realize,

He would never growl or bite you. You could take food from his plate.

He would simply let you do it. He would trust you with his fate.


As the years passed by he grew into a jumbo teddy bear.

But he never lost his gentle ways. There was nothing to compare.

He would lay down close beside you whenever you were blue.

With his simple unconditional love your spirit would renew.


When a troubled Russian orphan came into our life.

He was the first to greet her. He made her feel at home.

She didn’t trust just anyone. She had always been betrayed.

He sensed her need for comfort, so at her side he stayed.


Throughout the years this gentle dog taught her how to love.

He broke through her resistance. He had help from above.

She trusted her new family. They would not send her away

A faithful dog unlocked her heart. She knew that she would stay.


As he grew old his health declined. With seizures he was stricken.

Then his liver ceased to work. It was hard to watch him sicken.

The specialist held out no hope. His appetite was bad.

At last he wouldn’t eat at all. It made us very sad.


He let us know that it was time. We had to end his pain.

"I will take him to the family vet." I hastened to explain.

I asked her why she came along. "To stay home is no shame".

"When I came, he was there for me. Now I must do the same."


He came back home in a cardboard box. His ashes were inside.

She built an altar by her bed, where he always would reside

Each night she said a simple prayer, her courage to renew.

It always ended up the same. "God bless you Vinnie the Pooh."


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