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Death of a Planet

Updated on December 23, 2012

A Planet of Death

Earth | Source

We can grow old gracefully or with charm

But the Earth is aging with great alarm.

Its surface is being ravished and mined

Its natural beauty, being undermined.

Taking oil and minerals makes no sense

Even taking wood, making forests less dense.

Global warming is a sin we inherited

That doesn’t mean that it is merited.

God created us with our hunger and thirst

But he began with Earth and that must come first.

It’s not ours just loaned to us in trust

Our preservation of it is a must.

Global warming is planetary suicide

Its continuance is for us to decide.

Kyoto and Doha were all in vain

The Governments won’t stop our planets pain.

We must tell our leaders to just stop and feel

It’s within their powers to help the Earth heal.

We must play our role in Earths salvation

Globally or even just as a nation.

The Earths demise will bring us all our death

But how it dies will be our epitaph.


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    • Kejanny profile image

      Kejanny 4 years ago from Port Moresby

      Beautiful and powerful thoughts of the catastrophe happening before our eyes. All meaningful words, so true. The earth is actually crying out in pain for all the destruction man is causing for his own gain, for corporate gain and for money. We gotta listen to that cry and amend our ways or we will receive the full force of nature's fury. Thanks for this hub.