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E.G.G Q&A: Episode 45

Updated on August 28, 2015


This Q&A Session contains full spoilers for E.G.G Episode 45: Masters of Doom! If you have not read it, please click here to do so now!


Julian Woodfin, now the menace known as Scramble, broke onto the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier for one purpose: to break out Gravity Master, Gyro Man, and Ailemara, and form the Masters of Doom. With the funding and intelligence of Norman Osborn at their side, the four villains terrorized E.G.G in their greatest battle yet. Though the heroes were barely able to pull through, the victory was not without a loss, as Harry Osborn broke up with Acacia, and left to be with his father.

Hall of E.G.G Gadget Guide

Accessing Database...


Gadget: Crosseye

Description: A crossbow with an automatic targeting system meant to imitate the aim of Hawkeye. It has a hard light bow and anything can be used as a projectile. Even pumpkin bombs.

Preliminaries: Passed.

Field Test: Failure (Registered as success due to intervention from Agent Rice. Report can be found in file).

Status: Approval for Mass Production Pending.

The Team

First, I want to go over who exactly is in the Masters of Doom, so we can all be on the same page:


Real Name: Julian Woodfin

First Appearance: E.G.G Episode 1: The Incident

Bio: Julian has been a long time enemy of Josh and Eileen. Starting as friends, Julian felt betrayed when Josh and Eileen joined S.H.I.E.L.D, and went rogue. After years of serving Dr. Doom, Julian decided he had had enough and fled to New York, where he would destroy his enemies as the sonic manipulating villain known as Scramble.

Gravity Master

First Appearance: E.G.G Episode 29: Acacia's Great Escape (As Grand Master), E.G.G Episode 35: Spider-Man (As Gravity Master)

Alias: Cylus Raise, Grand Master

Bio: The leader of the Synicate, the Grand Master reigned supreme until Acacia shut him down aboard the Skrull warship he was commanding, severely burning his face in the process. Not long afterward, he returned as Gravity Master, craving revenge for what Acacia had cost him, but was ultimately stopped by Spider-Man. Now, he uses his control over gravitational fields to help the Masters of Doom destroy E.G.G once and for all.

Gyro Man

Alias: Wally Jones

First Appearance: E.G.G Episode 21: E.G.G Reborn

Bio: Gyro Man is a two bit thief that rolls around in a giant plastic gyro ball. He was captured during the Skrull invasion (where he fell in love with Ailemara at first sight), he owes Josh 10 bucks, and he's basically useless. Like Julian said, every team needs a fall guys. But with improved technology, and new weapons, Gyro Man could prove to be a threatening member of the Masters of Doom.


Alias: Mara, Infiltrator Agent #27225

First Appearance: E.G.G Episode 26: Love and War (Disguised as Acacia), E.G.G Episode 27: Who Do You Trust? (As Ailemara)

Bio: Ailemara was an infiltrator agent during the Skrull invasion. She replaced Acacia and fooled E.G.G for a while before they figured her out. After the invasion ended, she was taken captive by S.H.I.E.L.D where she remained... until now. With her natural ability to shape shift, coupled no with her new powers to phase through solid objects and shoot fire thanks to the Super Skrull procedure, Ailemara is now the deadliest member of the team.

Norman Osborn

Alias: The Green Goblin, Stormin' Norman

First Appearance: The Amazing Spider-Man #14

Bio: Norman Osborn is a businessman, the CEO of Oscorp, and a millionaire, or he was before being taken into S.H.I.E.L.D custody for his crimes as the maniac known to the world as the Green Goblin. With his knowledge and power, he is probably the most powerful asset available to Masters of Doom. But how long will he remain in the background? And can he really be trusted?

Raid on the S.H.I.E.L.D Helicarrier

“No! We’re gonna get locked up again!” Gyro Man cried. “Well, I’m heading back to my cell before the S.H.I.E.L.D agents decide to use force.”

“Don’t be a coward.” Norman said, rotating his shoulders. “I have an escape plan.” Outside of the cellblock agents were lined up with guns.

“Steady men!” The commander called. Suddenly the door began to shake, then it was blown off the hinges. “Fire!” He commanded as the agents opened fire. The commander held up his fist and they all ceased. Suddenly a small pumpkin bomb rolled out of the room. “Down!” He shouted but too late as it exploded, creating a smoke screen. The agents coughed and searched, but none of the saw the five convicts make a break for it.

They rushed down the hallways of the Helicarrier. Norman, who had grabbed his Goblin bag of tricks, tossed a pumpkin bomb around each corner, as Scramble blasted a sonic wave backwards onto anyone who was pursuing them. They made it to the bridge and rushed out.

“Freeze!” An agent shouted, as everyone aimed their guns.

“Weapons down agents!” Nick Fury said, coming from behind them. “These guys are with me.”

“But sir…”

“That’s an order!” He shouted. “Now ready up the teleporter!”

“Y-yes sir.” The agents prepared the teleporter, and Scramble, Gyro Man, Gravity Master, and Norman Osborn stepped in with Nick Fury. Suddenly the doors to the bridge opened, and Nick Fury rushed in with a squad of S.H.I.E.L.D agents.

“What in Sam’s hill do you think you’re doing!” He shouted.

“Director?” The agent said. “But I thought…” He looked to the teleporter to see ‘Nick Fury’ transform back into Ailemara.

“Bye, bye!” She said, blowing a kiss and waving as the five villains teleported to safety.

* * *

The Masters of Doom prove they mean business right from the start with this daring raid on the Helicarrier! From the villains terrorizing poor S.H.I.E.L.D agents with their tech to Ailemara pulling a sneaky shape shifting switcharoo, there's no denying that these guys will be an equal match for E.G.G. Especially when they just took on S.H.I.E.L.D, and won.

E.G.G v.s The Masters of Doom

Gyro Man rolled forward laughing, as two turrets folded out of either side of his ball and began wreaking havoc.

“Guns!?” Josh exclaimed. “When did he get guns?” Everyone ran for cover. James punched his jet pack and took to the sky, strafing the battlefield. He began to fire on Gravity Master, who had an anti-gravity shield around him, protecting him from the bullets.

“Fool!” He shouted, lifting a car and hurling it at James.

“Crap!” James exclaimed, flying out of the way. Ailemara lit both of her arms on fire.

“You will all burn!” She screamed, shooting a stream of fire at Harry and Acacia. Harry took the sky as Acacia set up a force field.

“I see you got a new super power.” Acacia said. “What’s wrong? Hitting people in the back of the head and living a week in their lives not cutting for ya?”

“Joke while can, but I got more than ‘a’ new super power!” Ailemara phased into the ground.

“Aw no.” Acacia said, as Ailemara came up behind her and blasted her with a fireball. “Ah!” Acacia shouted, falling to the ground.

“Heads up pointy ears!” Harry called as he flew by and tossed a pumpkin bomb, blowing Ailemara back.

“Gah!” She shouted as she hit the wall. Harry flew down in front of her.

“Give up yet?” He asked. She smiled.

“Harry, it’s been so long, you never call. Remember that time we totally made out?” Harry threw up in his mouth.

“Oh gosh, I gotta go rinse again, just thinking about it!” He flew off in a disgusted state. Eileen on the other hand was backed into a corner by Scramble. He was holding her at bay with a sonic blast.

“Need to get out of here and change to Lightstream…” She said to herself.

“What’s the matter Wuthrich?” Scramble asked. “Losing the will to fight?” Eileen looked up to see the wall cracking over her.

“Now’s my chance.” She said. She slyly blasted the loose wall and the debris fell on top of her. “Oh no! I’m trapped!” She called, as she crawled out from behind. Scramble walked up to the debris, still thinking Eileen was under it.

“Say goodnight.” He said, charging up a sonic blast.

“Goodnight!” Lightstream called from behind him.

“What-” Was all he got to say before he got punched in the face and slammed into a wall. Josh looked up.

“Lightstream?” He said. “Oh yeah, now it’s a party! Say, where’s Eileen?”

* * *

I promised E.G.G's greatest battle, and I hope this delivered! Sure, it's not as dark as Darkstream in the Season 1 finale, and it may not have an army of Lyla robots like in the last episode of E.G.G 2099, but this is a classic, good guys/ bad guys super powered throw down! With this battle, the Masters of Doom have solidified themselves as the arch nemeses of E.G.G.

Broken Hearts

“Come with me.”

“Dad…” Harry said, almost in a trance. He began to walk towards his father.

“Now wait a minute!” Josh exclaimed.

“Are you serious!” Eileen added.

“Harry!” Acacia called. He looked back. She rushed up and took his hand. “Harry, sweetie, he’s manipulating you, don’t fall for it.”

“Acacia,” Harry said. “All I’ve ever wanted, my entire life, is my father’s approval. And here he is, handing it to me. I’m not gonna give that up for anything, not even you.” Tears began to stream down Acacia’s face.

“Harry, babe, please, let’s talk about this.” She tightened her grip in his hand. “You’re all I have left. Please, don’t leave me alone. I love you Harry, we love each other. We can work this out, just please don’t leave me.” Harry looked at his father, stretching out his arm. He looked at Acacia, holding on to him for dear life. He closed his eyes, grabbed Acacia’s arm, and slowly pulled her hand away from his.

“You once left me for something that was important to you,” he said. “Now I’m just doing the same. Goodbye Acacia.” He turned and began to make his way towards Norman.

“Harry! No!” Acacia screamed through tears. “Come back! Please! Harry! HARRY!!!!!” Harry took Norman’s hand, and they both boarded the helicopter. The door slid closed and it took off. “NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!” Acacia screamed, as she collapsed to the ground, sobbing hysterically. “Harry…”

* * *

You thought that Allyson and Josh was bad? Harry just shattered Acacia's heart to pieces, and ended a relationship that goes back years. Let's just hope it was worth it for Harry, because we know that Acacia will forever be scarred.

See you tomorrow

Make sure to read Episode 46 tomorrow and post comments and any questions you have so that I can answer them in the Q&A next Thursday, September 3! Season 3 is getting juicier!

Next Episode

And now the story of a secret government agency, who even when taking two steps forward, always manage to take one step back. It's arrested development. See the aftermath of the fight with the Masters of Doom unfold tomorrow, August 28, in E.G.G Episode 46: Arrested Development!

Ready for the drama in tomorrow's episode?

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