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How to Write an Attractive Article for Your Website

Updated on August 30, 2011
Learning to write is easy!
Learning to write is easy!

Almost anyone can write an article.

The question is whether it is worthy of reading or not. There are some basic tools that you can use to help attract readers to your articles on the Internet. Writing a good article consists of a catchy title, an introduction paragraph or a teaser for what is to come, and then the body and of course, good spelling and grammar. Then finally the closing summary and wrapping up paragraph. These are the bare basics or bones of an article, so how can these be made into something worthy of reading?

The Creation

Creating articles that are new to the general audience is a great tactic to use. Try writing about something that is amazing or new and rarely written about and make it into an original thought provoking article. That is easier said than done if you are lacking in ideas, so one of the first things to decide on is your title or topic.

For website owners, the topic is already defined by the products that they are selling, but if you are writing for pleasure, the list of topics are endless. Pick topics that not only you enjoy but are of high interest to viewers on the Internet. You may also want to pick topics that entice readers to click on ads and purchase items from Amazon or eBay. Some best sellers on the Internet are books, ebooks, cds, dvds, computers, software and Internet related products and services. Even if you have your own website, you may want to have affiliates that have these products, to help supplement the cost of your website.

Enticing with Your Title

Your title should entice readers and make them want to learn more. You can begin this by creating a series of titles, and then doing rewrites of that same article over and over, using the other titles you've created. In this way, you will be able to create many articles easily about the same topic. Include new facts in each article that is a rewrite and different angles of view about the same topic. Write either for or against a topic. Include proof and research and links that back up your writing and views. Remember that all articles, for the most part, are regurgitated, recycled and rewritten with different perspectives, views and influences until new information is discovered.

The Sequence

In your first paragraph should be a bit of info about what you want to write about. It can introduce the topic without writing it all in one short paragraph. Let it tease the reader and make them want more. The middle paragraphs should each include forms of information about the topic at hand. So, for example, lets say your article is about fish oil. The first paragraph would be introducing the topic, second maybe writing about the research that proves that it is good for you, thirdly could be about vitamins within the capsule and fourth about the cost and types of supplements that can be taken. Then finally, the closing paragraph, which ties it all together. The sequence of paragraphs is up to you and can be arranged in any way you want.

Articles provide a means to enhance your website and provide information that makes readers decide whether or not they like a product or service. Using articles for marketing is a great idea, either for making some extra cash on revenue sharing websites or for directing readers to your website that will likely lead to a sale or even doing both. Using a website like Hubpages, Triond or Helium allows you to make a small amount of money while promoting your own website. There is no shortage of writers on these sites, so if you are looking for advice or tips, check out their forum or blog. Remember almost anyone can write if they put their mind to it, plan it out and use the tips mentioned above.

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