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Search for an Inspiration to become a successful writer

Updated on May 19, 2016

Character cannot be developed in ease and quiet. Only through experience of trial and suffering can the soul be strengthened, ambition inspired, and success achieved.

— Helen Keller

Inspirations are Boon


In Search for an Inspiration

It is a usual feature with me that after finishing one article I remain stranded for some days at the finishing point of the last article. Too many ideas haunt me. I start to think about how to begin an article dealing with a particular idea or subject matter but after a while it all fizzle out. I am sure this is not the case with the other writers here, it is I who face such a situation and during this phase I always remain in search for an inspiration.

Suddenly, some subject matter clicks and I come up with my next article. Whether the article turns out to be good or bad is a different point. The actual point which I want to deal here is about the aspect of being getting clicked by a subject matter. I regard it as an inspiration. To move on in life something concrete is required or else time flies away without any constructive work. After getting attached with the writing community for more than a year, I have realized few things which are very important for a writer to follow and carry on the job of writing:

One needs to improve and grow constantly as a writer.

Must remain positive to carve a niche for oneself.

One needs to be supportive towards the writing community.

Healthy competition is a must.

Try various aspects of writing.

Understand the demand of the readers – evergreen and current topics.

Hundred percent effort must be given by the writer.

The writer must keep on writing as much as possible.

To maintain all the above written conditions, there is always a requirement of having some inspiration for writing. Else, I feel, something monotonous or trash will come out of a writer’s pen and people will not enjoy it. Watch music or a dance talent hunt show and you will find that ultimate winner is the versatile performer. It is exactly the same with the writer’s community and especially for the on-line writers. There are numerous on-line writers and so we need to keep all our capabilities and instincts wide open. The readers are of various sections and to click as a writer among an undefined section of readers it is absolutely important that the writers come up with a variety.

Variety of Inspiration

Variety is the buzz word for being successful as an online writer. To have variety in one’s writing it is essential that the reader must have some inspirational subject matter. Such subject matters/ideas force the writer to give his/her best. In such a situation a writer starts to think from his heart and presents his/her delicacy of thought garnished with some powerful language and an interesting writing style. Now, the question is how one will get inspiration for each and every write up. The answer is very easy. To be inspired you need to:

1. Be open to various ideas around you.

2. Keep your eyes wide open and have a curious glance.

3. Let your ears be attentive at every moment.

4. Talk to everyone, be it of different section and group.

5. Be open to children and youths as they may inspire.

6. School and college projects

7. Not only big happenings but small experiences may open a new idea.

8. Do not ignore any type of questions asked by anybody – be it within the HubPages community or by any known or unknown people.

9. Pets too can be very inspirational.

10. Past that always haunts.

11. Memories those were great.

12. Grief, pain and suffering in one’s life.

13. Present moment of one’s life.

14. Life’s various achievements and failures.

15. Gaining experience through human relationships and bonding.

16. Write about the dream you nurture.

17. Real life stories of inspiration.

18. Day to day’s need and struggle.

19. How to develop personality?

……..The list of inspiration remains unending. There is no end to learning and similarly there is no end to inspiration. Every minute something happens in life or around which provokes a person to think about it. The more one thinks, the more and more windows of knowledge open up. This helps to understand one’s life better and it works as a food for thought to write an interesting article.

I've always found it best to have a routine. I go to my study at the same time every day and climb into my bay window. I may not be inspired every day, but on the days I am, I need to be in place to write. If I'm not particularly inspired, I'll revise or do research or correspondence.

— Diane Ackerman

Feed Back works as a Motivator

Inspiration is a must to make a mark for oneself. Everyone has a role model which encourages a person to eye a goal. Thus, when one admires somebody it makes him inquisitive about that somebody. Whatever relates to him makes a good food for a thought. Imagine when a person in real life loves to follow somebody then in the midst of a writing community it becomes necessary to follow another member. A person who publishes his/her work needs some feed back which works as a motivator. A feed back can be positive /negative, whatever it is but it leaves a strong impact upon the writer. Both the types of comment help the writer to grow. It sets a challenge within oneself to come up with something more and more appealing.

Change Negative into Positive

Negative comments usually push writers a little back but being a writer myself, though new in this field, I believe the negative comments are the best instigator to prove your point and make a firm hold on one’s own writing traits. It is not possible that one can please everyone through his/her writing. Subject matter and dealing with it, style of writing, language and so on may not draw attention of one and all in a positive manner but the writer’s job is to have faith in oneself. Criticism must be taken positively and if the writer agrees with the critic then required changes can be made. Else, try to put forward your own thought about the criticism in a very confident but humble manner. One must always remember that if one allows to be pushed back by a negative comment then success will be far behind. Change the negative comment into a positive inspiration and this challenge will make a great success story.

Approach of a writer

Would you all mind to have such a success story? No, I am sure. The success story will make a great article, isn't it? Just see that a negative comment can also work as an inspiration. Everything can motivate a writer to write an article but it all depends upon the approach of the writer. Life is too short so once one steps into the writing world it becomes necessary to gain some knowledge from every aspect of life. It is possible only when one keeps all his/her instincts wide open.

Be prepared for a wide open experience and enjoy the fruit of success as a writer. Before I conclude I wish to add a very common suggestion which proves to be very effective in making a successful writer. Never ignore or miss a chance to read a good stuff. It can be a good story book, a powerful essay, a biography, an engaging article or so on which other than inspiring for a new subject matter helps to improve the language. One may have a good and organized language but still more and more reading helps to enhance the flair of writing and a smooth transition in using variety of writing technique. A writer learns to compare the various writing techniques as well as learns to differentiate between a good write-up and a trash. Thus, nothing is useless for a writer and every little bit of experience works as a great motivator for the one.

Be a successful Writer

Just chill! Use every bit of experience for an inspiration and the task of a writer will become very easy, powerful and satisfying. I am always in search of motivation. The moment I find one I always try to utilize it as a subject matter. There are inspirations in abundance. It’s up to a writer to opt whichever suits the best. Have fun with a career in writing!

Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence.

— Vince Lombardi

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