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Pinkalicious Books Collection – Great Books For Little Girls To Enjoy

Updated on March 14, 2011
Pinkalicious book collection
Pinkalicious book collection

Who Is Pinkalicious?

The Pinkalicious books collection is the perfect thing if you are looking for a series of story books that would be suitable for a little girl aged between 4 to 8 years. This would be an extra special treat if this little girl is also a huge fan of all things pretty and pink.

About Pinkalicious

The actual character of Pinkalicious is a bubbly and bright little girl. She is a big fan of beautiful things but they must all be pink in colour. This will include food items too such as tasty pink cupcakes and pink lemonade.

About The Author

The author of the Pinkalicous books is Victoria Kann.  She is also the illustrator and has produced a wonderful collection of vibrant pictures that compliment the stories.   

The books were inspired by her two young daughters.  They love to dress up and play princesses together and they also very much enjoy eating cupcakes just like our little hero.

Other books that have been written by Victoria Kann include Purplicious and Goldilicious.  These make up part of the whole series.  There is also Pinkalicious the Musical based on the antics of the title character.

Pinkalicious Doll
Pinkalicious Doll

Books In The Pinkalicious Collection

There are quite a few books that you can choose to buy.  They have all been written as standalone stories so you will not be compelled to get the whole lot at once. However once you have shared one of the many stories with your little one, you may be tempted to purchase the rest of the stories to use as part of your reading schedule with your child.

These are the titles of the books currently available to buy.  More books are being added to the series.

  • Pinkalicious
  • Pinkalicious and The Pink Drink
  • Pinkalicious – Pink Around The Rink
  • Pinkalicious – Tickled Pink
  • Pinkalicious – School Rules 


This is the original books from the series.  We are introduced to little Pinkalicious. She loves everything that is pink and absolutely adores pink cupcakes.  However she eats so many that her skin turns pink.  The only way to cure this is if she eats lots of vegetables. 

Pinkalicious and The Pink Drink

Pinkalicious decides to make a lemonade stand. As she likes all things pink, she has to figure out what sort of ingredients are needed to make her drink the perfect pink colour.

Pinkalicious – Pink Around The Rink

Pinkalicious goes ice skating. Her boots are white and she decides to make them pink by using a pink marker.  Find out what happens when the marker colours stands to run off her skates.

Pinkalicious – Tickled Pink

In this story, Pinkalicious is challenged by another little girl to a laugh-off. Find out if she can think up the funniest joke ever and if she wins the challenge.

Pinkalicious – School Rules

In this book, we are introduced to Pinkalicious’ imaginary unicorn friend called Goldie.  Find out what happens when she takes Goldie to school with her.

Other books that feature Pinkalicious are Goldilicous and Purpilicious.  Other items that you can find within the Pinkalicious collection include

  • Pinkalicious doll
  • Pinkalicious costume
  • Pinkalicious pyjamas
  • Pinkalicious party supplies


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